RM2,500 Salary Enough for Fresh Graduates: “Experts”

rm2500A starting salary of RM2,500 for fresh graduates should be enough to cover their cost of living, few “experts” believe.

According to the education division head of the Credit Counseling and Debt Management (AKPK), Mohd Adnan Anan Abdullah, for as long as the graduates manage the finances well and do not overspend, the money would be enough to cover the cost of living. They must always know to live within their means; eating outside on daily basis would cost them dearly and additional expenditures on cigarettes and so on will make survival more difficult.

If one lives in Kuala Lumpur and eats outside daily, he or she could be spending as much as RM30 per day.

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[MH17 Tribute]: Have You Fought for a Good Cause in Your Career against Your Own Employer?

Remembering Mohd Ghaffar Abu Bakar, the MAS chief steward on board of MH17

On 17 July 2014, Flight MH17 of Malaysia Airlines, a Boeing 777-200 took off from Amsterdam Airport to Kuala Lumpur at 12.15pm (Amsterdam time). It never made to Malaysian soil; while it was flying over Ukraine air space, a missile shot it down. The plane crashed into a war-torn territory.

All of 298 on board perished.

One of those who were on the ill-fated flight was the crew’s chief steward, Mohd Ghaffar Abu Bakar, 54. He led a 15-strong-crew members on duty.

Mohd Ghaffar Abu Bakar, MAS Chief Steward
[Mohd Ghaffar Abu Bakar. Photo: The Malaysian Insider]

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Microsoft Job Cut: 18,000 to Lose Job

Microsoft announces major job cut

Microsoft has announced a major job cut that involves some 18 thousand employees, as part of its plan to realign its business focus. The 18 thousand employees will be released over the course of one year. As of now, 13 thousand positions have already been downsized in the first wave.

[image: techtrendsdiary.com]

This will be the largest Microsoft job cut in the company’s 39-year history.

With the layoff, the company expects to cut its expenditure by US$600 million per year. The layoff will involve between US$1.1 billion and US$1.6 billion in cost.

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World Cup: What James Rodriguez Teaches You about Your Career

So, World Cup 2014 is over. Germany are now four-time champions. Brazil were humiliated in home soil. Spain and Italy went home early.

But if there is one single person who creates the most stunning impact in this World Cup edition, few would argue that it is no other than James Rodriguez of Colombia. Very few people notice the presence of this young forward before the World Cup started. No one would have expected him to become such a huge sensation.

James Rodriguez Columbia
James Rodriguez (Image: cbc.ca)

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