10 Fun and Exciting Jobs

Are you adventurous? Bored of getting stuck from 8 am to 5 pm?

Want to try something different than the usual and boring office job? Here is a list of ten fun and adventurous jobs you should experience.

1. Flight Attendant.

This is a professional job, although the job scope is no different than a waiter/waitress in a restaurant. Still, the best part is you are on the move all the time and you get to visit different places all year round.

2. Buyer.

If you like shopping, this is the job for you. Shopping is definitely fun and exciting. You are being paid to buy things. You will have to keep an eye on the stock availability and restock whenever stock is running low. This is probably a dream job for a shopaholic.

3. Event Planner.

This job might be stressful sometimes but it is never boring. You might have to manage a few events at a time but it can be fun if you love organising events. You will meet many people and you might even have to travel to different places for the events.

4. Food and Beverage server.

You have to serve people and therefore you get to meet many people as well. If you love to talk to people, this is the job for you. This is best if you are still in college or university to gain some working experience.

5. Futurists.

No, this is not astrology. You won’t be predicting what’s going to happen in your life. Instead you will be predicting the future for the company you are working in. You will be a consultant in a company and by using the clues you have on hand, you will have to predict how the company will do in the next few years and of course suggest how you can make sure that the company is in the right path towards success.

6. Nonprofit Fundraiser.

Organising events in the name of charity is a fulfilling job. You get to work with different people at different levels and the most important is you will have to come up with different ways to gain more funds from the people attending the events.

7. Journalist.

Get ahead than the others to gain the hottest news in the world. If you love reporting the latest news happening around the world, this is the job for you. News are going on 24/7 so you will be working all the time to complete your news report.

8. Casino worker.

This is not the best job but then again, this is probably the most exciting job. You get to meet the rich and the beauty from everywhere in the world. You get to meet different people and interact with them.

9. Registered Nurse.

Being a nurse is very fulfilling. After all you get to help many people who are ill. The best part of all is you can get high salary depending on your position and location. To be an excellent nurse, you need to be good at multitasking.

10. Public Relations Manager.

This position is all about talking to people. You need to promote your company’s product (if any) or your client’s image (for example, celebrity). Your job is to make sure your company or client is always in the good reputation.

So, which one is you?

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