10 Highest Paid Footballers

10 highest paid footballers revealed, Lionel Messi no. 1


10 highest paid footballers in the world has been released by France Football magazine, with young and mighty talented Lionel Messi is currently the world’s highest paid footballer. He is top with a total pay of almost US$48 million (GB£30 million) last year. That’s roughly $4 million per month or $1 million per week or $143,000 per day.

With these earnings, if he so wishes, he can buy the likes of Ferraris and Porsches week in week out.

Not bad at all for kid who was once diagnosed with hormone growth deficiency in his teenage years (at the age of 10, doctor administered medical injection for four long years, on nightly basis to spur his growth as he looked unusually childish). And now, at still a tender age of 24, he has the world under his feet, literally speaking.

The Barcelona playmaker possesses quick, industrious and skillful legs, particularly his prized left leg, that make him one of the most feared attackers in today’s football. He is so quick that any goal keeper who blinks at a time Messi pulls his trigger on the ball will be seeing himself pick up the ball at the back of his goal net just like the scene you watched in the Stephen Chow’s Shaolin Soccer movie.

Ok, that was an exaggeration.

Lionel Messi is today regarded by many as the best players of his generation. Even the legendary Diego Maradona declared him as ‘the next Maradona’, even though the last world cup did not really suggest so. At least, not yet. Only time will tell if this chap can help his country Argentina to recapture the world cup just like his mentor did.

Messi eclipsed a host of other big name footballers including former highest paid player, England and LA Galaxy midfielder, David Beckham ($43 million), who once admitted that he does not wear any of his shoes more than once but instead give them away.

Good look, coupled with his good body, pave way for him to land lucrative sponsorships, ambassadorship and modeling contracts worth multi millions (while can still afford to cut his head bald and instantly ended his $3 million deal with Brylcreem. You sure still remember how boyish this David used to look). Together with his wife, Victoria Beckham, the couple is estimated to have a combined net worth somewhere close to $200 million.

Other highly paid players are the playboy play-wherever-you-like winger Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid and Portugal, $42 million), baby face forward Kaka (Real Madrid and Brazil, $27 million), bye bye my hand Thierry Henry (NY Red Bulls, $26 million), the smiling assassin Ronaldinho (AC Milan and Brazil, $24 million), stocky goal scorer Carlos Tevez (Manchester City and Argentina, $22 million), dashing goal scorer Zlatan Ibrahimovic (AC Milan & Sweden, $21 million), scoring-for-fun midfielder Frank Lampard (Chelsea and England, $20 million), and fox in the box striker Samuel Eto’o (Inter Milan and Cameroon, $19 million).

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Who will be next year’s highest paid footballer? Did someone just say Cesc Fabregas?

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