10 Home Based Business Ideas

10 home based business ideas explored

If you’re either currently unemployed and looking for job, or employed but looking for some extra money, or an entrepreneur wannabe looking out at some possible ventures, here are a list of freelance and home base business ideas with relatively low cost you can explore and start with:

1. Teaching/Tutoring

Your main responsibility will be teaching and tutoring students at a level you are competent enough to handle. The number of students can vary from 1 to a group of 10, or even more. Essentially, the more the students the more money you will cash in. The question will be how many you can handle? Depending on circumstances, the class can be done at home (either at your place or theirs) or some rented place, if the number of students are considerably big.

You can also introduce yourself to the local tuition center running nearby your area. Tell them what you are good at, and tell them what students can learn from you. Who knows your expertise has been long awaited. A friend of mine does 3 jobs at the moment. One is as a full time human resources executive. On the evening, between 8pm – 10am, he will be teaching at a private tuition center. Between 10pm – 1pm every night, he will spend his time in a 24-hour cyber cafe (he does not have internet connection at home) and learn making money from online ventures. I wonder any of us can do it.

2. Freelance Writing

While having your writings appear in popular magazines and newspapers may seem to be a daunting task, you can always start at a lower scale e.g. advertising copy for brochures, product and technical manuals and other literary products. Quote a good price for your piece of work, which is aligned to your standard of work. Do not over price, nor under price your effort and sweat.

If you over price your writing service, then you will have challenges to approach your customers (unless you are a JK Rowling or an Azizi Ali). If you put too low a price, then it will sound too good to be true. Remember, something that sounds too good to be true is most likely to be too good to be true. Get it? Make a sensible estimate.

3. Photography, Video, Photo Printing & Editing

If you have the talent, why not showcase it to the community? Perhaps in 3 months time, your auntie’s cousin brother is getting married. Why not offer him to be their official wedding photographer, since you just bought that latest SONY DSLR A700 camera? Offer them a complete package that includes 600 different shots at various angles, a set of video casting, a dedicated wedding photo album, and enlarged framed photos of different sizes. You get the picture.

If you do a good job, then it is possible your timetable is packed for the next school holiday. People are lining up to get your service. You could end up having to buy pants with deeper pockets.

4. Translation Work

This is indeed a market that is often neglected by others. Tap into this market and you can know how lucrative it can be. Take a look at John Lee for example. He started his part time translation business while he was studying in his college. Now, the translation business takes him places. He is barely 30 years old. Need I say more?

Many of the good writers out there also are good in translating their own writing. The problem is, they don’t have time for it! They just want to continue writing, and prefer to leverage the translating job to someone else. Maybe that someone is you.

5. Jewelry and Personal Accessories

Jewelry and personal accessories are adored by many people, especially women. Examples are bracelets, pendants, necklace, earrings and so on. Often time, they would not mind mind parting ways with their money to own some of the beautiful pieces of jewelry. In fact, you are probably one of those who keep on buying from your office mate who sells the Zhulian accessories.

Time to turn things around.

People are also interested to buy things which are available at cheaper price somewhere else. For instance, fans of crystal and pearl accessories know they can get them at cheap price in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Examples are Swarovski crystals, the Russian diamonds and the pearls. Earlier this year, my wife and I visited KK town for holiday. Coming back home, we brought along with us a dozen of pearls and crystal accessories and asked our small online community members if they were interested to buy them. It was a sell-out within hours.

6. Proofreading

Some people are excellent in paying attention to details and have that uncanny ability to detect even the slightest errors. When writing articles for blogs, most of my writing admittedly will come with all sort of spelling and grammar mistakes. I can live with this for as long as people get the message. But when it comes to official publication, I will be needing to get the best of a proofreader to run through details.

I turned into a good friend friend, Nazir, who, apart from being a full time financial consultant (and wealthy too… Boy, he is just good at making money), can also do a lot of other things. One of them is proofreading. His English ability has been proven since we were in Form I. And he charges good money for those customers wanting to use his service. How much? Is RM1,000 for a piece of Masters or PhD thesis good for you? I have to use a special persuasion technique to negotiate a discounted price from him.

7. MLM

Yeah, yeah, I heard that. You’re not into this MLM thing right? And you also heard a lot of bad things about MLM business. However, have you tried any? If you have not, I suggest you do so before making any judgment. Yes, don’t listen too people. Azman Ching has done it. Zamri Nanyan has done it. Many other people have done it. You never know where you are best at.

8. Handicraft

It’s time for you to unleash your creativity that has been in the hibernating mode all this while. If you’re good in art and decoration here comes your opportunity. Every time you attended your friend’s wedding, did you notice that your eyes get stuck with some of the beautifully decorated door gifts, flowers, wedding trays, the bridal dais (pelamin) and so on? Yes, it was made by human being, and that human being makes good money doing it.

Off course, this is not limited to those who are good at art and craft only. This is also an opportunity for those whose hobby are collecting unique handicraft products and other collectibles. If you travel a lot then you will have an even better advantage. For example Sarawak is rich with its unique and exotic handicrafts which are not easily available in the Peninsula Malaysia. When my mother visited Kuching a few months ago, I brought her to buy some of the handicrafts for souvenirs.

When my mother arrived back at home, all my sisters wanted to own them too. Why not since they’re beautiful, and the same craft sold at triple the price there! So, they ordered through me and asked me to carry them during my trip home. I charged them a good ‘admin fee’ for that. Hey, it’s nothing personal. It’s just business!

9. Cooking/Bakery

Cooking and baking part time can start from your own kitchen, and for those who loves doing it will eventually realize how fulfilling this can be. Not only it brings money, it is also fun. You can offer your home-made cookies, breads or other cooking specialties for birthday bashes, Hari Raya or small catering functions.

My friend’s wife bakes batang buruk cookies every raya during the Ramadhan and Hari Raya season. She started baking some 5 years ago. After the first attempt, she realized there is a demand for her products. Now she makes sure every year to slot in the baking business during the Raya season. She completed more than 10,000 pieces of cookies every year. The money is more than enough to cover for new dress and ang pows for kids. Not bad at all. Look at the story of these 2 sisters, who bake cup cakes on part time basis. Now they are short of hands to handle more and more demands.

10. Project research & assignment

Almost everyone can do research. The question will be, how fast and accurate you can do it? How good are you in finding the relevant information within a short period of time? Research sometimes can take quite some time to do and a little help would very much make the person happy. Hence, many people who are doing a number of research and assignments do not mind paying someone to pay for research work.

All you need to do is getting the right information as fast as you can, compile it and document it. Ensure that the sources and origin of information are kept in tact. Normally, you will be told how to do the referencing e.g. the Harvard Referencing system and so on.

Off course, these are only some of the examples around. If you want to learn and know more about part time jobs, freelance and home based business ideas, stay tuned for more ideas (To those part time internet marketers, yes, I heard your cry; it will added into the list soon).

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  1. Benghan – Long time no see u here. Good to have u back.

    Micheal Woo – Yes, I like that blogger idea, but doing it full time? I don’t know….

  2. Hiye šŸ™‚ Yea it’s pretty difficult during startup.. I made RM500 only the first month.. and very little the second.. but once my blogs got established, i get better money from paid posting.. $1400 last month but since this month Google lowered my PR to the toilet, I think income would be hit hard..

  3. It’s actually not only about the money. 3 months ago this blog is not making money but now makes 4 digit income (and growing).

    I will be more concerned on the life and fulfillment of life in general. Making money through blogging is a small fraction of it; we must remember there are lot of other things to achieve.

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  5. hi, I am havin a full time job working at the gym, and being as a part time tutor..and I am interested into doing internet business but I do not know how to start off with..need advise, pls..

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  7. Believe it or not, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki actually recommended multilevel marketing…so if you say MLM is not for you before you actually try it, think again!


  9. I’m a graduate from USM in the field of Translation and Interpretation. I’m continuing my Masters now but at the same time I’m looking for a part time job!

  10. I am a Sales&Marketing in Electronics Line, so I have a flexible time to manage internet business. Please do contact me, I am interested on this.

  11. heyya..im currently on my semester break, n im jez really bored at home doing nuthing..after reading dis article, im so inspired to start working, in any field, but i dunno how and where to start,, i really need to start looking for a part-time job….

  12. the infos are really good. To be frank, i have a ‘broke’ mom. Had retrenchment 4 years ago, still looking for a suitable job at my age now 44. i have been surfing the net for a month now and most of it required me to subscribe or to pay membership fees. But is there any guarantee that i will make money. I have paid too much and lost all my money!!! i am lost, where shall i start from this internet??????????? someone out there pls let me know what to do. pls email me.

  13. you can also learn to become a chocolatier by the artisan chocolate workshop they are fully mobile ,
    with in a day you will learn most of the techniques needed for artisan chocolatier ,you can start selling from home in market stall, online and you can open your own chocolate shop.

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