10 Part Time Business Ideas for Students

10 part time business ideas for students

As a student, you may want to add your income during the school break or when the class is over. The small income generated from the part time business may help you to cover some of the tuition fees, or buy that new iPhone you have been eyeing for some time. Here are 10 part time business ideas that can be explored.

1. Mobile car wash

If you’re living outside of the campus, chances are you’re staying in or close to a densely populated area, with many of them working full time. These people are busy with their daily job and routine that some of the not-so desired tasks such as car washing are not on their priority list. There is this portable machine that can produce high-pressured water stream which will be ideal for your small car washing business. Get one.

2. Fast food & delivery

You are no Jamie Oliver or Martha Steward but food does not have too be too complicated especially your target market is the fellow students in campus. You can make do with self-made burgers, hot dogs, or even food you don’t have to cook such as crackers and cookies. Be mobile and market your food around the hostel or their apartments. Just like Ross Geller in the Friends sitcom, your name will quickly gain popularity and you may end up with a new nick name, “Cookie Dude”.

3. Text book agents/seller/rental

Being a student, every purchase should be economic. And that includes (or especially) the text books. In fact, in certain college, selling text books to juniors has become somewhat of a tradition, probably due to discovery that new text books don’t make you any cleverer. You can either sell your own books, or become and agent to your classmate who can’t be bothered with a selling job (since the father just won a lottery last week). Negotiate for a handsome commission structure.

4. Typing

Since you are blessed with that ultra ability in churning 150 words per minute with your laptop, don’t let it go for waste. Raise the eye browse of your prospective clients by showcasing your skills live to them. Just in case you don’t know, more than half of the students still feel awkward when it comes to typing. You will get your first customer pretty soon, and before you realize it, the queue is long, waiting for their turn.

5. Translation service

Translation is one of the best services you can offer not only to fellow students, but also to your tutors, lecturers or even small companies. There are too many things to be translated out there that there is a shortage for good translators. It’s time to raise your sleeves and show them the real daddy. Text books, novels, movies, websites, brochures are just some examples of materials your work on for your translation service.

6. Research assistant

While your Professor Jones seems happy with only has only 3 classes to teach every week, behind the scene there are truck loads of research work, assignments, papers and publications to be completed, and he is running out of time. It’s time to approach him and ask politely if you can be one of his research assistants. Who knows with your powerful research skills you help him for a new, breakthrough discovery and perhaps won him a Nobel prize.

7. Home tutor

One of the most convenient, yet lucrative part time jobs. Home tutoring is also a convenient way for the parents in their quest to upgrade their children’s education. The fact that they do not have to commute in sending their children away making the arrangement much more appealing. Because you go to their place and not the other way round, you get to charge a higher rate.

8. Tourist Guide

If your college is not very far away from historical places and tourist attractions such as Pluto, Guantanamo Bay or the Bermuda Triangle, here is another chance for you to make money. Familiar yourself with the places, and when you’re ready, begin your world domination by offering guide services to local and foreign tourists. The fact that your roommate is a webmaster and an SEO specialist will allow you to produce cool websites that will attract even more foreigners.

9. Design service

Pretty, attractive and cool logos, banners, websites and animation are very much sought after, and especially if it comes with attractive price. Who else can offer best if it is not a student? Yes, that’s you. You can still live with it since you’re not buying a condo by the beach soon. Since you’re living in moderate means, you will be surprised at how much you accumulate in a short space of period. Try it.

10. Baby sitting

Probably more suitable for girl students. Show your love and tender care for kids by spending your days pampering and spoiling them. Don’t worry, spoilt children are blamed on parents not the baby sitter. It is also time to learn more about the bigger responsibilities in life and raising kids is one of them. You will appreciate life more. You’re not gonna stay single for too long aren’t you?

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