10 Reasons To Quit Your Job

People quit their job for a broad range of reasons. Here are 10 reasons why you might do the same too.

1. Getting another job with a higher salary

Sounds like a very common reason. Perhaps, of every 10 people offered another job with a better salary, 8 or 9 of them will quit their current job, and join the new company. Most people who search for other jobs also put salary as one of the determining factors, so there’s nothing surprising here.

2. Damaged relationship

It is natural for you and your boss, subordinates or peers to have slight disagreement with some of the decisions and the way things are run. But some people respond differently and take the professional and workplace issues as personal problems. Soon, small arguments broke into a fiesta of flying fists and kicks. Now everything is beyond repair, would you stay any longer?

3. Relocating

For whatever commitment (e.g. personal, family and so on), if you need to relocate and your company does not have a branch in a new place, then quitting your job seems like the most feasible option. Dust off the resume and start applying for a new job.

4. Questionable company values

It’s dangerous to stay with a company whose values are those you don’t appreciate. This is especially true when the company practices unethical, or even illegal means of business conduct. If bribery, criminal intimidation, and mobbing are part of the modus operandi of your company, then it’s time quit your job and step out. The faster the better.

5. Your job is no longer fun

Your office used to be such a happening place with good colleagues and friends to hang around gossiping. After 5 years, everything looks and feels so different. Many of your old buddies have left the company. The new colleagues are so much different now. They don’t talk much. They’re not as friendly as your old pals. They’re also juniors and you can’t blend with them. The air is negative. There’s no fun here anymore.

6. You are not growing and become frustrated

Routine is one thing. Now come the stagnancy problem. Now that you’ve gone into 5 years of service, surely you’re ready for a more leadership role. You are ready to supervise the three junior executives, and you can’t wait to mentor them to become the next batch of leaders. You wait for the company to summon you into the management office with an appointment letter ready to hand to you. But it never came. It’s just a pipe dream.

7. Career change

After 10 years being in the accounting industry, you now realized this is not the job you want to do. You want to be a chef! But isn’t it too late now? You asked yourself. In the end, you are willing to take the risk. You take the plunge. Whether this new career field is something you’d remain in for the next 10 years is another question.

8. You hate the rigid employment work structure

For 3 years you have been confined into manning the desk job. Your call to have more diversification in your roles and responsibilities, such as visiting clients and field workers have gone into deaf ears. It’s getting too routine, and it’s getting boring. The longer you stay with the company, the more unstable your mental become. So you leave.

9. You want to pursue with your passion

You figure out, since there are people who make money collecting insects, you sure can do it too by playing Scottish pipe. You may have or have not figured out how exactly you’d earn a living out of your passion or hobby, but certainly you sense a better life, and more freedom. These people will face two possibilities – achieving prosperity in life, or going back to their old job.

10. Employment is not your world

For long, you knew that working for others is not your world. It’s the business and entrepreneurship. Only today you realize you haven’t taken any action. Money may or may not be your number one motivation, but surely, the freedom of work and flexibility is one good thing you want get your hands to. You also know that you’ll work much harder than your current job to ensure you achieve your goals. You walk into your boss office, with the resignation letter firmly within your hands.

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