10 Top Career Fields to Watch in 2013

What are the top career fields to watch this year?

If you intend to pursue an ideal career doing the trick for the years to come, consider reading this article until the very end. On the one hand, finding an ideal career requires a thorough soul searching; on the other, you have to consider the prevailing trends as well. Be conversant with the job openings offering ample growth opportunities.

Coming across the ideal career can be a bane, but if you have sound knowledge of the market trends up your sleeves, then you can decide a career serenely. If you are hoping 2013 will pave the way for you to enjoy a sound career, then you must have knowledge about the careers to watch out for in 2013. Following are 10 of them:

1. Software development

Software development has been around for decades, and it is here to stay for a long, long time. The only catch is, you will have to adapt to changes quickly and be ready to embrace new technology. With technology on a high these days, software engineers are enjoying hefty profits working for various applications, and of late, mobile device-related applications. Becoming a software developer can be the ideal pick, provided you have the necessary expertise and passion to get the job done. The continuous expansion of systems and technology can pave the way for thousands of new job openings for the software developers. Last year in 2012, Software Engineer was named as the best job in the US. 

2. Social media marketing

Digital marketing has been swiftly and furiously overtaking the conventional marketing in the recent years, and at the crux of it, say hello to social media marketing. Effective social media marketing strategy engage users, readers and followers, and ultimately enhance branding and positioning. The likes of Facebook and Twitter have become a powerful weapon in marketing; most major companies, if not all, have resigned to the fact that without social media marketing, their products, services and branding are doomed to perish.

3. Electronic publishing

Electronic publishing is taking over the world by storm that even the legendary Encyclopedia Britannica decided to stop its 200+ years of print publication and go fully electronic. Printing jobs may be diminishing, but this only means that the need for digital-enabled tools is more prevalent than ever. In ebooks, EPUB is one of the many forms of electronic products that are gaining attention today; it has moved from EPUB 2.0 to EPUB 3.0, which allows more interactive features into the digital products. Both technical (e.g., programming, digital conversion) and non-technical jobs (e.g., production workflow) will be in high demand.

4. Creative services

The revolution of communication and entertainment media (broadcasting, cellular network, mobile devices) has created vast opportunities for the creative fields. Hardly goes a day without the rise of new technology that promise to enrich the media and make the world more interesting. Strong workforce in this industry is needed to strengthen key business aspects that include advertising, promotion, branding and public relation exercise. If you are into graphic design, video production and animation, you could have an eventful career this year.

5. Freelancing

A freelancer is someone who does work for other people/organization without any long-term obligation. Jobs are mostly done on project basis. One can work full time with a company and freelance in their free time, or do it on full time basis. According to the recent survey results, freelancing income has significantly increased in 2012, and is estimated that in the year 2013, there will be a further 8-10%. Speaking of freelancing, you can enter the field as a freelance writer, web developer, translator, virtual assistant, etc.

6. Green technology

Advancement in technology, in the past decades, has put the place we call earth in grave danger environmentally. Without curb, new generations risk of missing what we are currently enjoying. Environment is an important life element and jeopardizing its future for the sake of business would not do any good. Green technology (also referred as environmental or clean technology) involves the application of green chemistry, environmental science and monitoring, electronic devices and technological platforms that would help minimize environmental problems.

7. Islamic banking

Since its last recommendation, interest by the western world on Islamic banking has gained tremendously, especially with the financial collapses of nations backed chiefly by western-banking models. Economists are beginning to appreciate what the Islamic banking can now offer, appreciating its potential, which is valued at over US$ 1 trillion. As it stands, Islamic banking is growing at a steady rate of 10-15 percent per year, with signs showing that it is set to grow further. It is also interesting to know that the biggest Islamic banking center is now residing in Europe (Britain), not in Middle East or Asia.

8. Fitness and health

In recent years, people have been made more aware of fitness and health. “Fat nations” such as Australia and the US have begun emphasizing importance of taking charge of one’s health. After all, what’s the point of making a lot of money in your job when you can’t stop thinking about your diabetes? Dieticians, gym instructors, fitness coaches are highly sought after, with many becoming sort of celebrities with regular appearance in the mainstream media.

9. Cloud computing

One of the major technological challenges in the next few years is making computing resources (data, storage, desktop, etc.) available across a network. Think of a thumb drive carrying your latest holiday photos; but instead of carrying this thumb drive around in your packet, cloud computing will allow you to access these photos from any computer with network. Jobs will be abundant for a wide range of IT specializations that include security, database, programming, network, testing and debugging.

10. Biomedical engineering

If you think you can solve the problems of people by bettering their lives, then a career in biomedical engineering (BME) can be extremely fruitful. Established with the intent to close gaps between two important fields: medicine and engineering, BME applies design and principles of engineering to biology and medicine. Advancement of healthcare treatments owes a lot to many of the BME applications. Cellular, rehabilitation, medical imagery or genetic engineering are some of the jargons you may want to be familiar with, before embarking on a career along this line.

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