10 Top Medical Schools in UK

10 top medical schools in UK ranked

Which are the 10 top medical schools in UK? You asked. Currently, there are more than 30 medical schools in UK (United Kingdom)  recognized by the national and international medical authorities. Generally, the entry to the top medical schools in UK is highly competitive, mainly due to the country’s reputation to be providing best-in-class teaching and research facilities.

Most of the schools offering courses in medicine provide courses that last between five to six years, and application for admission is done through the Universities and Colleges Admission Services, or known as UCAS, regardless of which country you come from.

Most top medical schools in UK listed come from England (24), followed by Scotland (5), Wales (2) and Northern Ireland (1). Following is the list of the country’s 10 top medical schools, as ranked by The Guardian.

1. Dundee

While most medical schools come from England, the top ranked does not come from any of them but rather up there north in Scotland. The university is located in the second mostly populated city after the country’s capital Edinburgh.

For enrollment, Scottish students does not have to pay any fees, while students from other countries will have to pay a certain amount, ranging from a few thousand pounds to tens of thousands. Dundee offers undergraduate courses, postgraduate, distance learning and part time programs.

2. Cambridge

Cambridge University For long, Cambridge remains as one of the best universities in UK, with reputation in all-round fields. Cambridge is made up of more than 30 colleges, out of which, 3 are exclusively offered to women only.

Backed by one of the world’s best research facilities, Cambridge may also provides an intense academic pressure but this only allows the institution to produce many recognizable faces in the world not only in medicine field but a wide range of areas and specializations. Cambridge also offers scholarship and bursaries for eligible students.

3. Oxford

As the oldest university in the UK, as well as in the English-speaking world, the university is rich with history stretching back 900 years ago. To date the institution has produced countless Noble prize winners, and this is also a place where prominent philosophers, physicians, scientists, politicians and lawmakers are produced.

There are 38 colleges you can choose to enroll yourself into, with some generous bursaries available for qualified candidates. Oxford is also a close rival for its competitor Cambridge.

4. Edinburgh

Another Scottish university, and is arguably one of the world’s beautiful places to obtain your medical scroll. Impressive architectural designs and fresh environmental outlook awaits the students, whose combination produces a stunning look yet conducive study environment.

The University of Edinburgh, which comprises the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Engineering, and Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, is also a member of many prestigious national and international organizations.

5. University College London, UCL

3 institutions from London make it to the list, with UCL leading the way. UCL, which is part of the University of London, is the country’s first university to accept students regardless of race, religion and gender.

It was established as an alternative to Oxford and Cambridge universities, and is always considered the third oldest university in the UK, albeit with some degree of dispute. The university currently enrolls a staggering number of more than 20,000 students in various departments and courses.

6. Imperial College

Imperial CollegeImperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine used to be part of the University of London constituent but withdrew its membership in 2007. The university offers one of the most competitive environment in terms of both enrollment as well as academic survival.

The institution, which is situated in South Kensington, also consistently ranks as one of the top universities across multitude of fields including engineering, business, research and medicine.

7. Leicester

Leicester, with an approximately 18,000 thousand enrolled students, scored top marks both in teaching quality as well as student satisfaction. Leicester is also the pioneer in the research and the development of DNA genetic fingerprinting, which made it world famous.

Historically, in 1918, a textile business owner by the name of Thomas Fielding Johnson donated a site that can be used to set up a memorial for those who died in the World War 1, which today hosts the university campus. Accommodation for students are available but it is only guaranteed for the first year students.

8. King’s College, London

Founded by King George IV in the 19th century, King’s College is located close to many tourist attractions and prominent landmarks including the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Waterloo Bridge and because of the proximity, these attractions might eventually end up as ‘just another place’ to you.

A founding member of the University of London, King’s also offers a number of scholarships to students eligible for the award.

9. Newcastle

Situated in a city famous for its happening night life and fascinating life style, the university offers a contemporary and modern setting to its students. The university was first established as School of Medicine and Surgery and grew to offer other varies fields and courses to its students.

A member of a leading research association, the Russell Group, the university has to date produced one of the largest research portfolios in the UK.

10. Leeds

The university was established in the 19th century when the Leeds city was famous as an international center for textile industry and clothing manufacturing.

With more than 30,000 thousand students from various countries and continents, Leeds university offers outstanding teaching and research facilities not only as a medical school but an all-rounder institution offering other fields too. For many years, Leeds maintains its reputation to have received the one of the highest number of applications for enrolment in United Kingdom.

Which are out of these top medical schools in UK your choice?

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    P.S. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh not Glasgow as stated above in the Dundee description.

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