10 Highest Paid Graduate Jobs in US

10 Highest paid graduate jobs in US revealed

Getting into among the 10 highest paid graduate jobs sound like everyone’s dream. After all, how much is my degree worth? Yes, we all understand that after 3 or 4 years toiling in the college, you want some assurance that your college years will provide some values in the job market. But is it enough to grant you one of the highest paid entry level jobs in the US today?

If that is the question lingering on your mind, check this out.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) recently published a list of highest paid graduate jobs in the US according to the degree courses enrolled. The ranking is determined by the average starting salary received by a graduate who lands a job in the profession aligned with their degree taken.

Overall, the average salary earned by the graduates this year ($49,309) suffers some dip compared to last year, understandably due to the recession and uncertainty of the economic recovery. But well, some jobs just pay higher than others.

While pharmacy comes on top with a starting salary of $111,783, engineering courses have proven to be the big winner with 11 specialized fields sitting on top of the 15 top paying degrees. There are petroleum engineering ($83,121), chemical engineering ($64,902), mining & mineral engineering ($64,404), computer engineering ($61,738), electrical / electronic & communications engineering ($60,125), mechanical engineering (($58,766), industrial / manufacturing engineering ($58,358), system engineering ($57,438), engineering technology ($56,447), aerospace / aeronautical / Astronautical engineering ($56,311) and civil engineering ($52,048).

10 highest paid graduate jobs in US ranked:

  1. Pharmacy ($111,783)
  2. Petroleum Engineering ($83,121)
  3. Chemical Engineering ($64,902)
  4. Mining & Mineral Engineering ($64,404)
  5. Computer Engineering ($61,738)
  6. Computer Science ($61,407)
  7. Electrical/Electronics & Communications Engineering ($60,125)
  8. Mechanical Engineering ($58,766)
  9. Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering ($58,358)
  10. Systems Engineering ($57,438)

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is an association that connects a network of over 5,000 career professionals in more than 2,000 colleges and universities across America. It has been regarded as a reliable source of surveys and information relevant to the post-college employment and education.

So, is your academic course in the list of these 10 highest paid graduate jobs released? Congrats.

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