117 Unique and Weird Business Ideas

To start a business, sometimes the hardest part comes in coming up with the business idea. And when we do and ready to roll, we discover that the idea we have just brainstormed are seen everywhere! Now comes the harder part – coming up with out-of-the box or unique ideas.

A unique business idea, when successfully executed, will produce stunning results. Sometimes, the idea can be too weird that no one would ever think about it.

There are also those business ideas that look so common but when added with one or two unique elements, the outcome you see is … ‘wow’.

Tazilan, who hails from Negeri Sembilan, was formerly a full time employee for a number of established corporations in Malaysia before turning to the entrepreneurship world, and has never looked back since more than 5 years ago. For many years, he has studied, captured and recorded his findings on unique and creative business ideas that propelled the entrepreneurs to the new height of success.

The result of his finding was electronically published into an ebook, entitled 117 Idea Bisnes Luar Biasa. The ebook teaches you how to learn from people who looked at problems from different side of perspectives, came out with fresh ideas, execute them, changed their business, and eventually their life.

The ebook is only available in Bahasa Melayu. Click here to visit the website.

p/s: The entry is merely a publicity; not a mean of endorsement. You should use your own judgment before deciding to buy.

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