15 Popular Job and Recruitment Websites in Malaysia

15 top job websites in Malaysia

Here are 15 top job websites in Malaysia, hand-picked, that you might be interested to try out. Also, you can notice that the list is arranged according to the website’s rank in Malaysia, based on Alexa traffic rank (i.e. Jobstreet is the 23rd most visited website in Malaysia, and so on).

What is Alexa rank? Alexa is a tool developed by Amazon.com that is used to provide information about traffic of a website and tells the users about its popularity. The lower the rank, the more popular the website is.

Is it accurate?

Alexa rank is not entirely accurate as it only collects information from web browsers which have the Alexa toolbar installed. Savvy internet users and webmasters usually install the Alexa toolbar in their PCs. However, Alexa rank gives a fair result when relative comparison is made between websites competing in the same market niche and targeting similar audience and visitors.

Take note that the list is ranked according to their online popularity and the financial strength, profits and reputation are not taken into account, hence explaining why major recruitment companies like Kelly Services (ranked 37,243), Adecco (28,477), Manpower (17,893) are absent in the list.

1. Jobstreet.com

Rank = 23. Way ahead of its other competitors, Jobstreet.com proves time and again why it is a recruitment portal of choice. Not only it is the most popular, Jobstreet also has the largest physical presence with a few hundred staff countrywide, owns an 8-storey building, and recently moved from Mesdaq to main board of Bursa Malaysia.

2. JobsDB.com

Rank = 265. Another dot com survivor which almost fell victim to dot com bust, JobsDB, which has been around in Malaysia since 1998 today has one of the largest presence in Asia Pacific. JobsDB is organizing its upcoming, major career fair next month.

3. JenJobs.com

Rank = 786. JenJobs.com is the third online recruitment company who featured their commercial in the television after Jobstreet.com and JobsDB.com. The website is owned by Jen Infotech which focuses on the recruitment of IT professionals and other executive positions, operating under the banner of JEN Software International.

4. StarJobs Online

Rank = 930. Prior to its launching, StarJobs Online was said to be capable of dethroning Jobstreet, but thing seems to look otherwise. While 4th is not a bad position, but the website has huge A&P budget at its disposal, hence explaining why my review about them is rather critical.

5. Kareer.com.my

Rank = 1702. From the look of it, Kareer.com.my is developed and operated by Utusan Publication.

6. BestJobs

Rank = 1,718. While it is kinda popular, this website comes with some mystery. I am not sure if they have any physical operation in the country, since the contact page shows a Scotland address. Probably I should apply job there, working overseas. Looks like they have correspondences in many other countries too.

7. AsiaPartTime

Rank = 2,637. Unlike the rest of the job sites in the list, AsiaPartTime is in its own niche as this is the only website that caters for part time jobs. The website is backed by a small team with big ambition, and has been in the market not more than a year. I am pretty sure, the founder, Lam will be thrilled to know their website now is pitted against popular and well-financed recruitment portals.

8. Electronic Labor Exchange (ELX)

Rank = 3,707. Electronic Labor Exchange, ELX or Bursa Buruh Electronic is a government-powered (Ministry of Human Resources) portal that allows job seekers to register, and find (and apply) matching jobs. A distinguished feature introduced in this website is that it disallows you to apply for jobs which you are not qualified for.

9. Graduan

Rank = 9,033. Graduan has been around for more than 10 years, and recently published their 11th Graduan booklet guide. Sadly, their website plays the Chipsmore game: sekejap ada, sekejap hilang (now you see, now you don’t). If they don’t fix this, they will see their website climbing down the rank rapidly, and out of sight sooner than they can think of.

10. JAC Recruitment

Rank = 10,092. This is a UK-based recruitment portal, established in London more than 30 years ago. They also have offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China and Thailand. The Malaysia operation commenced in 1994 and the company also specializes in executive search, contract and temporary staffing as well as recruitment of foreign-speaking personnel, including the Japanese, Korean and others.

11. AllStaff.com.my

Rank = 10, 637. AllStaff is a spin-off from a software company by the name of Pentrac Consulting and has a significant presence in the northern market (Penang especially) and also has an office in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. It provides IT contracting services to major companies like Motorola, Intel, Agilent Technologies, BBraun, Solectron and many more.

12. CollegeGrad.com

Rank = 11,065. CollegeGrad specializes in providing entry level jobs to graduates and graduating students. It also acts as a career center for graduates, providing tools and useful information for those aspiring job seekers who intend to step their shoes in the job market. A useful, niche website.

13. AllyHunt.com

Rank = 12,142. AllyHunt was developed by a group of friendly recruitment consultants, whose aim is to provide better, and faster job matching mechanism. In the screening process, candidates’ resumes that meet the criteria set by the employer will automatically transfered to ‘Prescreen’ folder and if they don’t, they will remain in the Unprocessed folder, which the employer can still view. You can read my review on my AllyHunt back in October 2007.

14. JobLinkAsia

Rank = 12,538. The website comes with additional support functions including staffing and executive search services and advertising solution. With their job search function acting weird and pretty dysfunctional at the moment, the website is now in danger of falling off the radar.

15. FreeJobSite

Rank = 14,984. Sounds unfamiliar, but does JobsandMore (now defunct after a lawsuit 2 years back fold the company up) bring any bell? It can’t be entirely ascertained that JobsandMore is behind this, but from the look of it, and since jobsandmore.com domain is redirected to this, perhaps it is true. The difference is that, as the name suggests, this is free for all job site. It is free for employer, and free for job seekers to.


32 Replies to “15 Popular Job and Recruitment Websites in Malaysia”

  1. #1 JobStreet – No doubt, they are the largest recruitment website in Malaysia. Personally, my resume also keep there. They had captured quite a number of big MNC companies. Anyway, they have to watch out for other new rise competitors.

    #2 JobsDB – In these half of year, JobsDB is very aggressive in marketing. They organized few big job fairs around the country. They are one of the biggest Advertiser on Taxi. By the way, JobsDB is the top recruitment site in Hong Kong.

    #3 JenJobs – They are more to head hunting services. I received few calls from them few months back. Very aggressive.

    #4 StarJobs – They have their mother(The Star newspapers) feed them jobs constantly. It is a good strategy to open up this channel to have a online recruitment site. They can upsell this service to their existing employers who advertise on their newspaper. Anyway, I still keep an eye on the Recruitment section every Saturday.

    #5 Kareer.com.my – Their traffic picked up very fast in past 2 months. Unfortunately, there is a conflict between their domain name and the content in their site. all their content are in English but domain name in Malay.

    #8 ELX – How could a government touch into online recruitment industry? They should leave it to private sector to do it. Don’t waste our money to do something that they not good at. Concentrate on their core – Education!

    #13 AllyHunt – Quite a new job site with nice look and feel. In past2 months, I had few reviews on them. You can read http://asiaparttime.com/blog/category/job-site-review/

    Last but not least, my job site got ranked #7 :). I am surprise that a part time job site can rank in top 10 of all the job sites in Malaysia. Anyway, another big boy is coming into town – Monster.com.my. Check it out if you want international jobs.

  2. Another great compilation, good job Zul.

    From what I understand, top 10 are all job portals (except JAC)instead of recruitment agency, even in the list of 15. This probably shows that the market needs it, on the other hand, the sign of saturation, maybe.

    And from my understanding, these are job advertising portal instead of “recruitment” portal, correct me if i’m wrong.

    Since the international giant (Monster) is coming in, probably some of the portals should find their niche to venture into in order to avoid the competition. Innovation is needed now.

    AsiaPartTime is definitely a good example.

    Finally, agree with Lam about ELX, website or web portal management never seems to be the government’s strength…

  3. ELX is government initiative but i think the running is done by private/GLCs.

    I forgot to mention the ELX also has Job Search kiosks in shopping complexes. There are at least 3 at the moment, Kuala Lumpur (BB Plaza), Kuching (Wisma Satok) and Kota Kinabalu (not sure) and more to come.

  4. Recruit.net is a job search engine which spiders jobs from other websites, list them down, and send the clicks back to the original job page.

    I agree with Jason, finding niche is the way to go, and AsiaPartTime has set an example to follow.

    I am interested to know if Monster, which is one of the world’s most successful job portals, is capable to corner the market away from top players. I still cast my doubt but let’s see what happens. As of today, the newly launched Monster Malaysia website is ranked at 27,691 but pretty soon we will see them fast coming into the picture.

  5. ********* look more racist in term of job placement. Many had their complained about ********* racial issue but still no rectification.

    I don’t know why this happen. ********* is not that professional in term of delegation of job to the applicant.

  6. I have to sensor and edit your comment, paypal2u due to potential legal implications and disharmony.

    We can talk about racial discrimination but try not to pin point which races. I will touch more on this in one of the future postings.

    Sorry for convenience; your understanding appreciated.

  7. I play around with monster.com.my lately. Although the site is still very lite, but I can see quite some number of quality postings, especially foreign companies. Glad to see how Monster open the market for local jobseekers who seek opportunities abroad.

  8. I got a friend working at monster.com.my. This US company is very strong is US. Malaysia wise, I see them all around Google. Good job!

  9. No problemo man… I just said what I think is the real issue here. Anyway… tq for understanding my comment there.

  10. please ignore my comment earlier. Monster.com is here is a link to Zul’s latest post….argg….i am dumb, sorry.

    Monster has alot of dedicated website i.e. .com.my, .com.sg. .com.co.uk…jobstreet and jobsdb link all their url back to their own domain (my.jobstreet.com, sg.jobstreet.com); i wonder what will happen

  11. Yeah, i noticed that too. Seems each country has their own website and I’m not sure what good this does. In fact i discussed this with a friend who previously worked with Monster. Still a mystery…

  12. i’m looking for recruitment companies or agencies recruiting for overseas organisations. Do you guys have any good recommendation of such companies or agencies in Malaysia?? Your information is very much appreciated!

  13. please advice where can i find ” contract admin function” job fuction and duties,i need this for a interview.thks

  14. nice blog…you bring up a good point that the list is ranked according to their online popularity and the financial strength, profits and reputation are not taken into account, hence explaining why major recruitment companies like Kelly Services

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