20 Interview Questions for Product Engineer

20 sample of job interview questions for Product Engineer jobs listed

Following are 20 samples of job interview questions for Product Engineer job.

1. Can you explain your current specific roles and responsibilities as a Product Engineer?

2. Describe the most challenging engineering project you have undertaken within the last 3 years with your current company.

3. Can you tell me about your team members – what kind of professional relationship you have with them, and in what way you guys complement each other’s function?

4. Are you tasked to deal with external parties and entities? Who are they? For what purpose? Do you do this on periodical basis or ad hoc basis?

5. Please explain the features and characteristics of the product and test equipment you’re using now. In your own assessment, how deep you think you know about the machine?

6. In case of machine and equipment downtime, how will the machine be fixed? Will you be involved in the troubleshooting at one point? At which point an external engineer or repairman will be asked to look into the problem?

7. You mentioned that you also concurrently work with the research and development (R&D) team. How far your collaboration go? What sort of activities e.g. brainstorming session that you guys work on together? Have they been fruitful?

8. Have you managed to come out with any prototype of new, or enhanced product? How this was achieved? On your own incentive or through collaboration with other team members or other departments? How was the reaction from the higher management?

9. Tell me exactly about the new technology of this product. Is it an improvisation of existing technology, or a completely breakthrough invention? Will it be patented?

10. So, what is the direction of this newly developed prototype? Will it be produced through high volume production soon?

11. It seems that you have quite a good background not only on product, but also in testing, troubleshooting and even research to some extent. Are you considering to branch out or specialize into one of these areas in the future?

12. Are you planning to pursue your studies, perhaps enrolling in a Masters or PhD course?

13. You mentioned in your resume here that you went for a 2-week training in Santa Clara, US. Tell me exactly what you did there, and what are some new things that you learn. Are you in any way bonded with your company for your participation in oversea training?

14. What do you like/hate most about your current job?

15. What kind of changes you would wish to have on your current job function?

16. Apart from the technical and engineering role, are you assuming any leadership role such as supervision and mentoring junior engineers or technicians?

17. In your current organization, how does a cycle of an engineering project implementation look like? What about the roles of the people absorbed into the project team?

18. Can you still remember the last time you used engineering principle to successfully solve a technical issue? Describe the situation, who are the people involve, and what was the final outcome.

19. The role for this vacant position, as much as your current role, involves a great deal of engineering calculations and accuracy. How do you keep yourself poised to ensure that everything is done in details and accurately? What are your check and balance?

20. How would you think you can use your expertise in the product you’re currently working on with that of ours? In which areas you think you can contribute most?

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