20 Most Popular Websites in Malaysia

20 most popular websites in Malaysia

Following is the 20 most popular websites in Malaysia, accessed from within the country, according to the Alexa rank. Alexa rank is a statistical tools provided by Alexa Internet Inc., a subsidiary of popular online bookstore, Amazon.com, which provides web traffic information to users. The data changes on daily basis.

While the accuracy of Alexa’s statistics has always been somewhat of a debate due to discrepancies of its data, many people still continue to use Alexa statistics as benchmark or yardstick, especially when making relative comparison between different websites. The company introduced a so-called New Alexa Ranking System on April 2008, which takes into account more data sources and improve its ranking methodology.

The ranking is based on statistics as of 19 June 2008.

1. Maybank2u

Maybank is presently the largest and most profitable bank in the country, with the company recently starting to expand its wing overseas, under the leadership of the new CEO, Datuk Wahid Omar. It became the first bank in Malaysia to introduce online banking portal, Maybank2u in June 2000 which today is also the largest bill payment portal.

2. Lowyat

Founded in 2002, Lowyat.Net has grown at unprecedented rate and today has become the largest and most popular discussion board in Malaysia. Users and forumers can also sell, buy and bid items in the portal as well as getting themselves acquainted with the latest news on technology, gadgets and reviews. There are myriads of topics available in the forum that encompass technology, career, gossip, trading and coffee-talk.

3. The Star Online

The Star Online

The most popular online news in the country, with the hard copy news having one of the largest circulations around. The online news was launched more than 10 years ago in 1995 and to date has undergone 3 major rounds of redesigning as to accommodate better user experience and added functionality. The Star Online is an online news with one of the fastest updates in the country.

4. Cari


Cari is the first and most successful homegrown search engine, with most of the pages and sections today are maintained by Malaysians. It was originally established to provide a search engine platform for Malaysians and now has grown to provide services for users in other countries too. Cari also has one of the country’s most popular forum boards.

5. MalaysiaKini

Malaysia Kini

MalaysiaKini was established a year after the 1999 political turmoil to spearhead the fighting cause for natural and independent news and voice. It remains independent until today and is considered the country’s most credible news source. In the 2008 General Election the website broke down crashing after more than 1 million visitors flocked the portal on the midnight for the election result.

6. Utusan Malaysia

Utusan Malaysia

Two years after The Star introduced its online news version, Utusan, which started in Singapore way back in the 30s, followed suit with the launching of its interactive portal, Utusan Online. Today Utusan Online is the country’s most visited Malay news source.

7. JobStreet


The country’s most popular job portal. JobStreet is not only popular in Malaysia but is already making wave in other countries including Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, India and Bangladesh. JobStreet is the first job and recruitment company in the country to go public listing.

8. Berita Harian

Berita Harian

Berita Harian was born on the same year the country achieved its independence, 1957. Its hardcopy version has a circulation of more than 200,000, and more than a million daily readerships. The news is published in 5 different editions, catering for different market regions and segments.

9. Lelong


Established in 1998, Lelong today is a household name for many and prides itself as a successful and one of the biggest online auction sites in the country. You can bid and get computers, hand phones, cars, antique goods, jewellery, software and all of other stuff in the portal at surprisingly good deals.

10. Malaysia Today

Malaysia Today

One of the most daring political blogs, Malaysia Today grew by leaps and bounds, and was also made famous with its controversial revelations, one after another. The editor, the famous Raja Petra Kamaruddin or RPK will not stop short of baring it all, even that means he had to be thrown into jail.

11. Harian Metro

Harian Metro

Where tabloid news is mentioned, often, Harian Metro will come into mind. The newspaper was established in 1991 and holds reputation with its frequent ability to reveal news and happenings which often caught the public interest and eyes. The hardcopy news is circulated in the afternoon.

12. Harakah Daily

Harakah Daily

Harakah Daily is a political website that belongs to and is run by the Parti Islam Se-Malaysia, PAS. It is backed by a number of smart webmasters and IT experts who have been working hard to prevent outside activities that expose the website to security loopholes. Updated on frequent basis.

13. Air Asia

Air Asia

To get cheap tickets, where else you go? That’s right. It’s Air Asia. The portal, which provides online ticketing platform, has not been providing the best of user experience the team behind it is working hard to improve it from time to time. The company is also now wary of its rival, Malaysia Airlines who has been quietly catching up, especially after their cheap ticket offerings in the recent run.

14. Mudah


One of the newcomers in the online classified industry. Established in 2007, the company has undergone a meteorite rise due to its aggressive paid marketing online and offline. Users can post and view goods and properties according to the location which makes it somewhat convenient. The business model used by Mudah website still remains a mystery to many as the portal does not charge commission to users.

15. CIMB Clicks

CIMB Clicks

The second most popular online banking after Maybank2u. As one of the fastest growing banks, driven by recent mergers and acquisition, it is only natural for its online users to grow. It won’t be much of a surprise if CIMB Clicks sits at the top of the ranking one day, eclipsing its close rival Maybank.

16. Maxis


Maxis is an interactive portal that provides general information, online billing features, shopping and customer service platform to its customers. Users can view and pay their bills online through Maxis portal, as well as edit their account and personal information, at the convenient of their fingertips.

17. TV3


Another interactive website with full of entertainment news, discussion boards, gossips, TV guide, and all the related sources you will need. Special privileges will also await for those who become their members. Visitors can also watch previews as well as a number of past TV3 programs online. A graphic-intense website.

18. Golden Screen Cinema (GSC)

Golden Screen Cinemas

The days have gone where you join that long queue to get your cinema tickets. Today, you can book your movie tickets online, and pick them up at the cinema’s door before its showing. You can also get to know which hot movies are coming to town, check show times, and download some cool stuffs.

19. Chedet


Chedet.com belongs to no other than the former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and in the process of breaking into the rank, it becomes one of the only 2 blogs (the other being Malaysia Today) to make it to the top 20. Another remarkable fact is that the blog was less than 2 months old and with the current growth rate, it will continue to rise to the top rank faster than people can imagine.

20. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is the country’s national airlines whose popularity has been eclipsed by Air Asia in the recent years. The airline is in the come back mode to achieve profitability and restore order, and the appointment of Idris Jala as the Managing Director a few years back is starting to bear fruit.

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