21As for SPM 2007 Best Student

The SPM 2007 best student was announced today and it goes to a down to earth kid from SMKA Yan, Azali Azlan who broke all previous SPM records by scoring staggering 20 1As and one 2A. The previous record was set by Nur Amalina Che Bakri from SMK Ulu Tiram who made headlines after scoring 17 1As in SPM 2004. Azali is the only student in Malaysia who took 21 subjects in SPM 2007 and received the award from Education Director-General, Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom.

This time around, 1,072 candidates obtained 1A in all subjects, compared to 1,280 in the previous year. This bunch of candidates is the first batch of students who commenced enrollment in Science and Mathematics subjects using English medium since Form 1 in 2003.

SPM Best Student 2007 - Azali AzlanI think it is fair to say the race for getting the number of As in SPM has become insanely crazy. The Ministry of Education advices students to take between 8 to 10 subjects, but many have gone beyond 10.

But the most touching part is to hear the comment from Azali’s mother, who humbly said the following after the award giving ceremony:

“Biarlah Azali membuat pilihan sendiri tentang kerjayanya, yang penting, dia kekal sebagai orang yang beriman dan tak lupakan ibu bapanya.”

“Let Azali decides what he wants to do with his career, the important thing is, he remains as a faithful God servant and will not forget his parents”

Azali intends to pursue his studies in Engineering field either in Britain or United States. Another candidate, Quek Hai Ren from SMK Hwa Lian, Pahang also received award for scoring 16 1As.

All the best to Azali, Quek and other SPM leavers in shaping up your career. If you are not sure what to do next, click here.

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  2. azali,tahniah..tak sangka ampa bley cipta sejarah..mesti cikgu2 sekolah rendah tikam batu pun bangga ngn ampa.coa bkeas pljar diorang cipta sejarah..skali lagi..tahniah

  3. tahniah kpd saudara azali azlan yg tlh mengembirakn seluruh agama yan ! insyaAllah kami pljr f3 akn buat yg terbaik dlm pmr 2008…amin…

  4. Does anyone here knows how I can get in touch with his parents? Need to get him (Azali) to make an appearance to our Motivational Camp we are organising this coming August. Really appreciate your assistance.

  5. hey sye prnh jumpe u mse kat nilam dlu…..nme sye alia..i tau u x ingt…erhm……i just wanna say congrate and having a great time in ur life..ingat ALLAH never ever bat2 lupa smbhyang….erhmm..azali kne truskan usha k…hope u still rmmbr me…

    P/S:aaaa……….ni aku lar………..x kan ingt k0t?

  6. To Azali, Quek and others,
    Tahniah. Congratulations.
    Remember to be a person of good character and leader who could be a great service to others, living for the greater good of our nation.
    Wish you the best in your future endeavour.

  7. thanx 4 ur information..i hope this blog will make more great job like this..
    to azali..congrats 4 ur victory n plizz pray for my pmr n my friends name puteri..
    i hope you will be a remarkable n a legend for malaysia..n also for islam..
    k.. thats all..papai….

    lots of smile,
    TuKaNg SeNyuM

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