30 Most Valuable Malaysia Company Brands 2007

Malaysia Most Valuable Brands is an effort to evaluate and measure the values of major Malaysia company brands. It is a collaborative effort between the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents (4As) and Interbrand who are major entities and pioneers in brand evaluation methodology. The brand value is derived from a number of measurements including intangible earnings, the role of the brand and brand strength (a benchmark of brand’s relative risk compared to competitors).

4 of the largest banks in Malaysia make it to the top 10 of the list. Also, the list springs some surprises. Air Asia, which was recently ranked 6th in Asia Pacific Brand Channel Award sits at disappointing 19, compared to Malaysia Airlines at number 12 (Malaysia Airlines was ranked 52nd in the Asia Pacific Brand Channel Award). Also, you will be happy to know that Bonia and Padini are Malaysia-origin brands. Last but not least, you get a clearer indication that Perodua has left the national car maker, Proton, way behind despite being more than 10 years younger.

Full list of Malaysia Most Valuable Brands 2007:

1. Maybank

MaybankBrand value = RM9.6 billion (US 2.8 billion). Maybank, the short form of Malayan Banking, is the largest and most profitable bank in Malaysia, and is synonym with its tiger symbol and black and yellow color. Everywhere you go, you will see Maybank’s branches on every corner of the street.

2. Public Bank

Public BankBrand value = RM6.9 billion (US 2.0 billion). Public Bank is another giant in the domestic banking and financial market. But it does not stop there as it continues to aggressively expand its operation in Asia that includes Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Laos and others.

3. Maxis

MaxisBrand value = RM5.3 billion (US 1.5 billion). Maxis started as a private company in 1995, went public in 2002, and after 5 years decided to become a private company again. Maxis has massive operations in Malaysia, India and Indonesia. Presently, Maxis has the strongest presence in the telecommunication market in the country.

4. Genting

GentingBrand value = RM4.6 billion (US 1.3 billion). The Genting founder, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong passed away recently but the Genting name does not die with him and will be here for generations to come. Genting Resorts remain as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia, either by local tourists as well as foreigners.

5. Celcom

CelcomBrand value = RM4.1 billion (US 1.2 billion). Celcom is one of the most competitive telecommunication service providers around. It also has the widest network covering more than 95% of populated areas in the country. Celcom is also the first company to roll out their 3G operation, which gives access to high speed wireless network to millions of users across the country.


CIMBBrand value = RM3.4 billion (US 981 million). CIMB is definitely a high achiever and is becoming a trend setter in the banking and financial sector. Rapid growth through mergers and acquisitions allows CIMB to position the company as the upcoming and market-dominating brand in the next decade.

7. Astro

AstroBrand value = RM3.3 billion (US 946 million). Astro is one of the earliest, largest and most successful satellite television service providers in this country. In Era.fm, Astro also owns an interactive radio station network, and regarded as one of the most popular radio channels by Malaysians, and manned by popular radio deejays.

8. Hong Leong

Hong Leong BankBrand value = RM3.1 billion (US 888 million). From a small Kuching-based banking outfit, Hong Leong has gone many phases of expansion, difficulties and change of ownerships before becoming what it is today. Hong Leong Bank is a member of Hong Leong Group, which is not only involved in financial industry, but multitude of specializations and industries.

9. Perodua

PeroduaBrand value = RM2.5 billion (US 700 million). Perodua is national’s 2nd car marker which has virtually now taken over as the number 1 in many different aspects. Many people laughed at their first produced car, the small and compact Kancil, but the model went through different levels of rejuvenation and evolved into cute and attractive model. In 2006, their newly introduced MyVi model was awarded Supermini Car of The Year by Autocar Asean Magazine.

10. DiGi

DiGiBrand value = RM2.1 billion (US 600 million). DiGi is a homegrown brand but is financially backed up by a foreign company, Telenor ASA from Norway, which holds more than 60% of the company share. DiGi is the first company in Malaysia that introduced GPRS and EDGE technologies into the country. DiGi is famous and well-known for its yellow man icon.

11. Giant

GiantBrand value = RM2.1 billion (US 592 million). Think of a hypermarket with super value and prices, and Giant will come into mind. Owned by Dairy Farm Sdn Bhd, it is regarded as the most successful homegrown brands when it comes to hypermarket and supermarket operation.

12. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia AirlinesBrand value = RM1.7 billion (US 493 million). Despite having a few rough financial years and controversies surrounding its operation, it seems the Malaysia Airlines name and brand is still intact, and is well placed a respected 12th position. The appointment of Idris Jala, a former executive of Shell Malaysia, is said to be starting to bear fruits, with a positive indication of the company’s turnaround. MAS also recently rolled out FireFly, a low cost carrier that will undertake a number of flights to remote areas and towns.

13. Sime Darby

Sime DarbyBrand value = RM1.5 billion (US 437 million). Sime Darby was formed by 2 British citizens well long before the independence of the country. The initial establishment was to oversee and manage the Malaysia plantation business. In 2007, Sime Darby merged with Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), Golden Hope Plantations and Guthrie to form Synergy Drive, which becomes the world’s largest player in plantation industry as well a major comer in property development, utilities and automotive industries. It was relisted again and renamed the new Sime Darby.

14. TV3

TV3Brand value = RM1.1 billion (US 315 million). TV3, which is under the control of Media Prima Berhad, is the first private television network established in Malaysia. It began its operation in 1984 and with the growing popularity the company was listed in the main board of Bursa Malaysia 4 years later. Today, its network even reaches the neighboring countries through the satellite network or terrestrial channel. The brand is now under the leadership of Dato’ Farid Ridzuan, the CEO of Media Prima.

15. Petronas

PetronasBrand value = RM920 million (US 264 million). Wholly owned by the Malaysia government, Petronas was born in 1974 to undertake a wide range of petroleum and oil activities, which include upstream and downstream. Petronas also created history to be the first Malaysian company to make entry in the Fortune Global 500 list.

16. YTL

YTL CorporationBrand value = RM731 million (US 210 million). YTL Corporation name is synonym to its present chairman, Tan Sri Dato’ Francis Yeoh, the son of the company’s founder. Tan Sri Francis is also one of the wealthiest businessmen in Malaysia. The company is not only listed in Bursa Malaysia, but became the first Asian country that was listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The group’s core businesses are in utilities, railway, manufacturing, construction and others.

17. RHB Bank

RHB BankBrand value = RM653 million (US 187 million). RHB takes the name of its founder (now retired), Rashid Hussein and specializes in wide range of financial tools including commercial banking, corporate banking and international banking services. The company started as Rashid Hussein securities in early 80s and then expanding its operation into commercial banking through merger and acquisition exercises. Mid of 2007, through a successful bidding, EPF or Employee Provident Fund take control of the company’s ownership by holding the largest amount of share.

18. Ambank

AmbankBrand value = RM651 million (US 187 million). Famous for its “Ambank Mah…” commercial, Ambank was originally known as Arab Malaysia and founded by an Arab citizen by the name of Mr Najadi. It was then taken over by Tan Sri Azman Hashim, a fast-car enthusiast, who then renamed it as Ambank and built the Ambank brand to what we see today. Ambank is a major player in retail and commercial banking, investment and insurance.

19. AirAsia

AirAsiaBrand value = RM333 million (US95 million). No introduction is needed for Air Asia. In fact, it is only a matter of time before the company disposes off other company names to become the country’s most recognized brand. The success attained by Tony Fernandes and Air Asia has been nothing short of phenomenal. This year, Air Asia launched Air Asia X, which is a long haul carrier operation that goes up to Gold Coast, Perth and later, London. Air Asia X is a major partnership between Air Asia and Richard Branson’s Virgin Group.

20. The Star

The StarBrand value = RM318 million (US 91 million). For many, a day must not pass until he or she has read The Star newspaper. Since its inception in the early 70s, The Star has gone rapid and tremendous growth and today is undoubtedly the most popular English news provider. A member of Asia News network, The Star readership now reaches more than a quarter of a million readers. The online new version, The Star online is also visited by tens of thousands readers per day.

21. Dutch Lady

Dutch LadyBrand value = RM300 million (US 86 million). Many baby boomers grow with the Dutch Lady brand. It has been a hit brand in the dairy product segment and continues to be a hit until today. The company was established in 1963, and became the first milk company to be listed in the then Bursa Saham Kuala Lumpur (now Bursa Malaysia). Its main business activity is manufacturing of sweetened and condensed milk, milk powder and other dairy products for local consumption and overseas export.

22. Kurnia

KurniaBrand value = RM291 million (US 83 million). Incorporated in 1978, Kurnia Insurans has grown from an almost bankrupt company to one of the most successful local insurance companies. Kurnia is now backed by over 7000 agents across the country which represents almost every town and area throughout the nation. Kurnia has a capitalization amounting to RM200 million, and possesses total assets exceeding RM1 billion.

23. Proton

ProtonBrand value = RM239 (US 68 million). Proton started its operation in the 1980s by joining forces with an established car maker, Mitsubishi, to develop Proton Saga, the first national car. It promised to be the beginning of a bright future until it was facing tough financial years beginning of the 21st century. The continued saga saw their CEO, Tengku Mahaleel removed from the position and replaced with a former Perodua executive, Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Tahir, who now holds the position as Managing Director.

24. MAA

MAABrand value = RM232 million (US 83 million). MAA Assurance, whose core business is in the insurance and wealth protection, is a subsidiary of MAA Holdings Berhad and operates in Malaysia as well as in Indonesia and Philippines. It has a mission to educate people about insurance and meets its vision to have every one covered under the MAA insurance.

25. Affin Bank

Affin BankBrand value = RM228 million (US 65 million). When first incorporated in 1975, Affin Bank was known as Perwira Affin Bank Malaysia. The Affin Bank was born as a result of a number merger and acquisition exercises that happen in the 90s and early of 21st century. Affin Bank’s core business is in retail and commercial banking, hire purchase and treasury. Affin Bank operates throughout various towns and cities, backed by a presence of more than 80 branches.

26. Padini

PadiniBrand value = RM212 (US 61 million). May sound Italian, but actually it is not. Padini is a homegrown company brand operating under the Padini Holdings, which has a mission to be the best fashion company. Padini sells ladies shoes, accessories, children’s garments, maternity wear and other fashion products and clothing. The Padini Holdings have more than 100 stores in the country, operating in virtually all major cities.

27. Parkson

ParksonBrand value = RM125 million (US 36 million). Parkson was established in 1987 and is presently one of the largest retail chains in the country. Parkson can be seen operating in major shopping complexes, including KLCC. The store chain is owned by The Lion Group, a major steel manufacturer. Under Lion Group, Parkson has expanded its operation overseas that include China and Vietnam.

28. Sunway

Sunway GroupBrand value = RM89 million (US 25 million). The Sunway group started as a tin mining company which later diversified its business when the tin business were slowly depleting. It grows as a one function company into a corporation having specialization in a wide range of industries, including construction and development, maintenance and education. In the 1984, the group started building a town bearing the company’s name, Bandar Sunway, a development that has received multiple awards.

29. Mamee-Double Decker

Mamee Double DeckerBrand value = RM87 million (US 25 million). Who says only kids love Mamee? Adults crave for it too, never mind the junk food! No wonder the brand is so famous, and well known among many levels of generations. The company was incorporated in 1971, and has to date received many business and entrepreneurship award. Mamee-Double Decker was listed in the list of Top 100 Listed Companies in the year 2005.

30. Bonia

BoniaBrand value = RM75 million (US 22 million). Yes, this is an Italian-design inspired brand but, folks, this is a Malaysia brand! Don’t play play. The Bonia Group commenced its operation in the 1970s and to date operates in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and even Italy itself with more than 500 counters and boutiques. Bonia is a name associated with distinguished style and sophistication.

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  1. Mmmm.. Maybank aaa….

    For me Maybank is the second most non-user-friendly bank in Malaysia. They charge (take tax) the low income client (under RM5000 saving) on ATM transaction (50 cent). Why don’t they tax the higher income I still don’t know why?

    CIMB is the worst bank in Malaysia as;

    1. They charge 50 cent per deposit (either to your account or others account) if you use counter. They ask us to use cash deposit machine but there are no cash deposit machine available at many branch.

    2. They send you a reminder letter (charged RM5 each) even though you just late 1 day paying their loans. If your due date is on 21th every month, you can assume that CIMB will send you a reminder letter on either 19th or 20th direct to you. You must pay your loan before 10th every month and not nearing your due date.

    3. Services are very lousy and too many hidden charges on your loan.

    Okay … for the worst company in Malaysia award… it goes to ASTRO.

    1. They arrange the network channel number not for easy viewing but to make more monies on it. You can see ANIMAX is now shifted to other channel and you need to add another cost to see it.

    2. If you late 1 day paying the bills, your network will be suspended and you can get either a biil charging you RM10 for reconnection or a summon from the lawyer for additional RM20 lawyers fee plus RM10 reconnection fee.

    3. No rebate will be given to all subscriber even if the satellite link is very poor due to thunderstorm or heavy rain. Even though you can’t get the service more than 5 hours, no rebate will be given to you.

    1. I think maybe Maybank should win the worst banks hands down..
      Not only they charged when we want to deposit money over the counter, they even charge the 50 cents things when we withdraw more than four times in a month. I felt like I am donating money to Maybank. Still their ATM can’t withdraw RM10 and my card seems to accept maybank atm only. I tried to withdraw other bank it gives error message please contact your bank. [sigh I’m poor, not that rich to withdraw RM50 everytime]

  2. CIMB is not the only bank that charges deposit. Others practice this too. The most popular ones normally get the most complaints.

    I agree with Zaki though. Many would’ve expected Petronas to do better than 15th place.

    Lucky I didn’t subscribe to Astro…

  3. That RM20 is just for the documentation cost only… I don’t know how much the law firm charged the ASTRO defaulter the total cost.

  4. how can Petronas rank in 15th position?Petronas should be in no 1 because the firm are the only company in South East Asia listed in Fortune 500 that is the magazine that evaluate all company in the world

  5. Well done on compiling this awesome list!

    However, I can’t help but notice that you didn’t include RHB’s brand value. Can we have the figure please?


  6. It is the Value of The “BRAND”..
    The Goodwill of the company…not about the revenue or profit returns…
    Sooo…I think quite logic la Maybank Brand gt no#1.
    Maybank emblems r everywhere in Malaysia,Singapore and other countries (Brunei,philippines,Thailand,London,New York..etc)
    easy to say, the logo has a high value. =)

  7. how to apply to jobs that has been listed here…
    very tough to get a job cause my highest qualification is spm.

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  9. ohh, maybank lead the ranking..quite surprise…
    mmm, yela, most valuable brand, not most profitable but in fact, maybank is the most profitable bank in m’sia.
    but quite confused with dutch lady
    i thought it’s ‘dutch’..so what dutch lady doing in m’sia 30 most valuable company brand?
    correct me if i’m wrong

  10. hye…can i ask u something…
    from the list,anyone who can be a speaker for our forum at uitm shah alam..i’m a marketing student from uitm shah alam like to invite who can be interested to be a speaker for my group project that title issue in marketing forum on 18 march 2010…plz inform me k..asap…TQ

  11. All company listed eat our money a lot. Damn it especially astro and cimb.dats y they are on list. we don have a choice..anyway congratulate..

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