30 Top Business Schools in US

30 top business schools in US published

When it comes to the top business schools in US, the US News Best College Ranking is one of the most popular sources of reference. Published annually, the US News & World News publication researched more more than 100 tertiary institutions across the United States and rank them according to their specified ranking methodology. They have just released their latest list for the year 2010.

Other than listing the top and best schools around in the country, the ranking also allows prospective students and parents to make relative comparison on quality of institution for specific subjects, financial commitment required, availability of funding and financial aid, peer reputation and strength of faculty to make the best decision in their university enrollment. One of the merits of the US News listing is that, sometimes you can discover little know schools or colleges which provide respected courses at affordable rates.

One of the highly sought after list is their Top Business Schools in US ranking, which compares the MBA degree programs across the selected institutions. For sure, if you manage to enroll to one of the best 5 schools, you are bound to become a well respected professional in your business field. Statistics will prove to you that those who obtained their MBA in the world’s top business school earn multiple times better salary compared to those who did not.

Below is the list of 30 best business schools in the US for the year 2010:

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As the ranking table indicates, Harvard continues its tradition of maintaining its status as the best business school around. It has not only been the top school in the US but is well regarded in other parts of the world as a school of choice. It’s endowment plunged by some 30% for the 2009 academic year but the fact does little to keep students and professionals from continuing admiring the school.


Harvard, the oldest tertiary institution in America has well over 6000 undergraduate students and over 13,000 graduates and professionals. It is home to the largest academic library in America. And being an alma matter for more than 60 billionaires, Harvard’s reputation in churning out big time earners is second to none.

Everyone with the right frame of mind would want to go to Harvard.

Harvard leads the list, tied with another prestigious school, Stanford University, followed by MIT (Sloan) in third, Northwestern (Kellogg), University of Chicago (Booth), Pennsylvania (Wharton), Dartmouth (Tuck), University of California-Berkeley (Haas), Columbia University and New York University. As for the rest of the top 30, go to the list and you will see who they are.

In coming up with the ranking, more than 400 accredited master’s programs were surveyed between the fall of academic year 2009 and early 2010. A number of parameters in study include peer assessment score, recruiter assessment score, mean starting salary and bonus, employment rates, mean GMAT scores, mean undergraduate GPA, acceptance rate and specialty ranking.

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