3,000 Government Jobs for IT Grads

The Malaysia government aims to create about 3,000 facilitator jobs for information and communication technology (ICT) graduates as it moves to speed up the implementation of the SchoolNet project.

Graduates selected for the position will be enrolled into an internship program that lasts for two years, with a monthly allowance of RM1,000.

The program will begin on June 2009 and before the commencement, selected candidates will undergo a comprehensive training and development program to equip them with all the necessary skills.

While the RM1,000 income may seem insufficient for a graduate, the government hopes the initiative would help them to weather the difficult economic condition as they find better opportunities. With the current global economy showing little sign of recovery, the job and employment market are unforgiving and for those choosy graduates, hell awaits.

The SchoolNet project is an initiative to provide broadband internet access to public schools in Malaysia, and has begun its implementation in selected smart schools. Eventually the broadband connectivity is expected to reach 10,000 schools nationwide.

Selection of ICT graduates will be jointly made by the Ministry of Energy, Water &Communication and the Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission. Jobs will be advertised to job seekers and recruitment process is expected to be active in local public universities.

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