5 Top Home Based Business Ideas

5 Top home based business ideas at low cost

Whether you are stuck in the corporate rut, having a hard time finding employment, or have high interests outside of work that you can capitalize on, choosing a home-based career could be a great option. Not only can you avoid the commute and a strict schedule, but you can become your own boss without having to worry about taking out huge business loans and a lot of upfront financial costs.

Although there are certain fields that are nearly impossible to do at home such as being a lawyer, doctor, or pharmacy technician, there are other home-based opportunities that stems from aspects of a standard career. Here are 5 top 5 home based business ideas you can start exploring.

1. Tutoring

Tutoring is a great option for those with a English, Communications, or other liberal arts background that may struggle to find full-time teaching opportunities. With this type of career, a person has the freedom to choose the type of teaching environment, grade level, and subject their interested in teaching. They are not conditioned to follow a certain curriculum or structure, and tutors also have the ability to set their own schedules.

2. Interior Designer

This is a great career to begin for the creative and color-minded individual who already has a knack for designing their friends and family’s homes and apartments. Websites like the Society of Interior Designers supplies information about licensing requirements depending on state. Because interior designers do their work in the homes and businesses of others, they get to network with many affluent professionals.

3. Personal Shopper

Like the interior designer, the personal shopper has got to like using their creative side and helping people. Whether it’s helping shoppers in a retail setting or running errands for elders, personal shopping really does run the gamete. Be careful of personal shopping sites that require upfront fees on ridiculous certifications. Because people must be willing to communicate and help such a wide range of people, people often avoid becoming a personal shopping.

4. Medical and Claims Billing

Because a lot of health care providers are outsourcing their billing and claims to outside agencies and companies, they would be willing to work with a highly skilled individual that would not charge near as much as an agency. While the field of medical claims billing requires a person receive intense training and obtain great typing skills, it is such a high demand skill that obtaining freelance work should be a breeze.

5. Personal Training

Through the National Federation of Personal Training, interested people can find out about the certification process and insurance guidelines. There are many organizations that offer personal training certificates like the ISSA, NACM, and ACSM to name a few.

For those having a hard time finding employment in their field of interest or experience, a home-based career often gives working women and men the chance to network with people, who have connections in their career interests. Oftentimes, the people you end up servicing or doing business with will naturally consult you, or simply ask: “So, what else do you do for a living.” That’s why it’s always a good idea to cultivate skills, interests, and talents outside of any place of employment.

Which are out of these 5 top home based business ideas your choice?

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