50 Thousand Petrol Station Workers May Lose Job

Up to 50 thousand petrol station workers, mainly foreigners may lose their job with the implementation of the minimum wage, beginning this month. Owners of the affected stations are in pressure to find replacement and may have to look for self-serving alternative in sustaining their business.

The minimum salary has been decided at RM900. This is higher than what most of them are getting now, which is between RM600 and RM700 monthly.

Currently, there are about 3,000 petrol stations set up by a number of major upstream oil operators across Malaysia.

Foreign workers are normal sightings these days in Malaysia not only in petrol stations but a wide range of other businesses including restaurants, hotels, cleaning services, security and construction. Many Malaysian employers prefer foreign workers for a number of reasons. These include lower salary demand and low turnover.

The foreign maid service has also seen a drastic drop in the number of workers working in this country. In 2008, there were more than 300,000 foreign maids in Malaysia, but the number decreased dramatically to only about 130,000 today. Other than salary, mistreatment of maids by the Malaysian employers has become a hot issue in the recent years. Neighboring country Indonesia has decided to put a freeze on their maid hiring until 1 December 2011.

Do you think the petrol station service will be disrupted with this job loss?

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