Air Asia X Hiring More Staff

Sluggish and dismal economy are no barrier for the country’s long haul budget airline, Air Asia X to continue expanding and adding more staff to their growing workforce.

The airline is currently pursuing to add new routes which will cover India, China, Japan and South Korea, to its already existing destinations – Australia and United Kingdom.

Hence, the need for more employees, especially pilots and cabin crew is imperative, and the company is now aggressively looking to recruit more staff in the next few coming months.

And the fact that many staff in other airlines are being retrenched these days means that the airline is being particularly clever to tap into the talent pool and pick the best candidates already floating in the job market.

Air Asia X made its grand entrance to the airline market by starting its inaugural flight to Gold Coast, Australia on November 2007. Its latest destination, London, United Kingdom proved to be a hit with more than 30,000 tickets, sold at half than the normal price of other commercial airlines, were already swept away by eager passengers. Its first flight to London will commence on March 2009.

Recently, Air Asia X was named as the world’s best new airline in the Budgies Award in London, held recently.

Air Asia X is also partly owned by Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Airlines with about 20% stake in the company. The airline aims to increase its profit size by many folds and intends to break into its first $1 billion sales in 2 years time.

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  1. I was a trainer for MAS flight attendants at MAS Training Centre in Malaysia and was a Business Manager for Estee Lauder in Atlanta, GA, USA and Stamford/New York, USA.

    I am looking for a trainer job with Air Asia. I believe my experience both combined in Malaysia and USA are advantage to your Air Asia as well as Malaysia.

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    Thank you.

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  6. i would like to ask about Air Asia flight attendant,
    1.should be all the flight attendant be Malaysian resident (can be foreigner) ? can i apply for training?
    3.i am Iranian but its been few years living in Malaysia is it possible for me to be flight attendant in Malaysia?

  7. I’m fresh graduate in Bachelor of Aircraft Engineering Technology hons Mechanical from Unikl MIAT..
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