Al-Aqeelah to Set Up Flying Academy in Malaysia

Al-Aqeelah, a Kuwait based corporation, plans to set up a flying academy in Malaysia, investing a massive US100 million for the project.

The aviation academy will conduct various range of licensing courses for private, commercial and transporting pilots.

The Al-Aqeelah group has major businesses in aviation, real estate, industrial, fund management, oil and gas services, finance and investment. Apart from the flying school, it will also be starting an Islamic bank in the country, which will commence operation in January 2009.

Apart from being a center of flying and aviation, the company will also be establishing aircraft conversion center, as well as repair and overhaul facilities. The completion of the academy will see more local and international pilots to be trained and produced.

Some of the aviation firms in Australia and Japan have expressed their keenness to outsource their training to new the flying academy, which will be able to accommodate up to 4,00 pilots once completed.

Presently, there is a shortage of over 10,000 pilots worldwide, annually.

Three locations have been identified as the possible sites for the academy, which are Batu Berendam (Melaka), Kuantan (Pahang) and Senai (Johor). Batu Berendam is also home to one of the country’s most established flying schools, the Malaysia Flying Academy (MFA).

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  1. My son is very inerested to be a pilot student in MFA,, and he is get 8A and 2 B in SPM 08…but base on research in sabah its little student study at MFA or dont have student from Sabah study at my question is how to be a student at MFA? how to apply ?..thank you..

    1. Hi Jamilah,
      In order for your son to apply for MFA, he must take the entrance exam & interview first. For the exam you must pay around Rm 300 for the studying materials include English, Mathematics & Physic.

      I’m just wandering why want to sent your son for away in Melaka while you can sent him at Gulf Golden International Flying Academy (GGIFA ) in Sarawak which is nearer? Anyway hope for the best & congrats for your son’s achievements.

      If you any other help you can mail me at

      1. salam jamilah
        your son has an outstanding achievment in his academics..its better for him to persue furthur studies in more society related service carreer suich as medical studies

  2. I want to be an airline pilot. Now im currently doin electrical and electronic engineering. My spm is kind good. I got 5a1 and the rest are credits. The a1s are eng,math,physics,bm and est. So am i qualify? I am really hoping to be a pilot of malaysia airlines someday. Thank you!

  3. i want to ask…if i am pure science student and not so good in biology subject also always get c in my biology..can i be a pilot? i’m good in other subject especially admath n physics..

  4. Assalammuaikum..

    i have a question.i take Add math,biology,chemistry and ICT but i good in all subject especially add math,biology and chemistry…can i be a pilot?

    second question is…what weight can accept for these course?

    i SPM in 2010…

  5. hi!..i just want to know, i am a diploma holder in electrical engineering with CGPA there any chances for me to pursue this pilot course? thanks!

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