The Best Place to Find Jobs in US

It is not the best of time to find jobs not only in the US but almost in any part of the world at the moment. But that did not stop some diligent people in the US News & World publication to study and find the best place to find jobs in the country.

And the result? Anchorage, a city in Alaska was identified as the most ideal place for Americans (and to foreigners) to find jobs due to its ability to weather the economic recession and minimize job losses and unemployment.

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska with its residents making up more than 40% of the total overall Alaska population. The residents also account for about half of the total personal income in the Alaska state. Last year, despite the recession and rapid losses of jobs across the US, Anchorage became one of the few cities which recorded a positive job growth – the 20th successive years for the city. Workers also do not need to worry too much about the rental or housing cost as the property market did not embrace the same degree of shake up as experienced by all other major cities.

Undeniably, some industries are facing mounting challenges such as tourism, shipping and logistics, but the city has seen more job opportunities in other sectors including government service, health care and education. In fact, the significant presence of the government jobs, which are less volatile against the economic storm has contributed to the city’s success in weathering unemployment problem.

The energy industry is widely expanding, with big oil companies such as BP (formerly British Petroleum) and ConocoPhillips. Both are presently ranked among the world’s 10 largest oil companies.

In 2002, Anchorage was named by the National Civic League as an All-American City, a coveted award given annually to 10 cities in the United States as recognition for the cities effort to identify and address community issues, problems and challenges.

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