Application Letter Sample for Internship

(Another) sample letter for internship application.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my desire to be attached with your organization for a 3-month internship opportunity.

My research indicates that your company’s deep involvement in the international trading and marketing leverages a platform for me to be part of a team that drives the company further forward, albeit for a short term.

I am currently pursuing my Degree in Business Administration in the University of South Road, Hong Kong. Presently, I am in my second year and due to finish my studies in June 2009. As indicated in my enclosed resume, I have been been consistently achieving excellent academic results throughout my academic tenure.

Additionally, I am also active in the outside of the academic circle with my involvement in the co-curricular activities including as the President of the residential hall, Secretary of Welfare Society, Treasurer of the Photography Club and many more. I am a leader with strong interpersonal, communication and administrative skills, and my aim is to only elevate them to higher degrees.

My full resume underlining my academic credentials, and my working experience is attached together with this application letter for your reference. I am appreciative of your time considering my application, and I look forward to be discussing further about this internship opportunity with you over a job interview.

Thank you.

Monica Green

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  1. It was good visiting this website, i learnt a lot. i will like to apply for an internship in the South African companies for inetrns or vacation work, or even work closer to a general manager or any senior manager since i am doing Bcom in General Management in the University of the Free State. I will like to ask for a sample application letter for applying for internship, or vacation work opportunities.
    I appreciate your time considering my comment and request.
    Thank you.

  2. Wow! this is what i have been looking for. what a incredible sample. i love this webpage. i am a business administration student looking for a three months internship and this sample has given me a golden chance to be able to write an application letter for internship. thanx a million times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. this is best application letter sample for internship i haven’t seen before.this is good ,precise and simple straight forward,thanks for sharing this with me.

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    what a great composition creative straight to the point
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    once opening it you know that all your requirements in an internship cover letter are fulfilled
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  6. i need help to prepare final report after completion of my hotel management internship program.
    Thanks & regards
    Ranjan kc

  7. This splendid…Thanks a lot, really got what i wanted and desired…………………………big ups again………

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