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The website was launched some time back to provide a multi-purpose access pertaining to payment, complaints, applications, search, services and others. If you want to complain about any particular government agencies, do it here. There are also close to 3000 forms downloadable from the myGovernment site and has been visited by 3 million visitors since the inception. Access official forms that are easily downloadable for your convenience. Click on “Downloadable Forms” in the website’s left column as shown, and the next page lists some forms, which are displayed for your purposeful use to transact with the Government.

Guess what is the most accessed service in myGovernment website? Yes, the job and employment opportunity service! (no prize for the right guess). Hmm….. it’s another lubang for jawatan kosong. To check for vacancies, key in related keywords, e.g. ‘job application’, and a list of downloadable forms will appear for you to choose. I tested it, and almost 40 different forms for different jobs surfaced.

Downloadable forms come in the word and pdf formats. Apparently this is one of the major flaws considering that you need to print the forms out and fill them manually. Considering that the government is promoting more and more usage of electronic transaction, a total web based application forms need to be implemented soon. Sources said MAMPU is already in the process of implementating e-forms in the myGovernment website, so maybe we can rest our back for a little while.

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  1. i want apply jop in goverment at SIRIM @ whatever job gov in Selangor @ Kuala Lumpur @ Shah Alam..

    Thank you & best regards

  2. i want to find o job at ministry of human resource…i am graduate from institut latihan perindistrian kota samarahan sarawak which is under ministry of human resource.thank you

  3. i have a very usefull experiance with Thyssenkrupp Marine System (Blohm+Voss) Hamburge Germany (6 month practical training). i will try with my best to work in all of mechanical engineering field. i’m very fkexible and able to work wherever whatever i been requested in mechanical field.i have a degree in mechanical engineering by UiTM Shah Alam.for me, a good company supose to have a good employee

  4. Assalamualaikum wr wb. i am musleema, still working and looking for a new job. why do i look for a new job? this is because of my boss who has a problem in paying salary. this is causing difficulties to me. because i work everyday. when the time to pay salary has come, i have to remind him. i have experience in clerical jobs for more than 5 years. if there is any vacancy, please inform me via 03-9021 6726 (nighttime only, daytime I am working) or sms me at 019-607 1659. my email: thank you

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