Are You Ready to Quit Your Job?

People quit their job for myriads of reasons. Jumping to a new company, relocating to a new place, family commitment, personal problems, workplace scandals, finding new environment, changing career and so on.

Some others, decided to quit to find freedom – physically and financially. They simply want to leave the 9 to 5 working world, do what they do best on their own and in their own way, and attain success in their own style.

They want to start a business. They want to become a writer. They want to say good bye to the usual work day routine and choose freelance jobs instead. They want to become a full time blogger. The list goes on and on.

Quitting your job for freedom takes courage and bravery. That is especially true when you’re good at your job and your boss classified you into the bright sparks category. Because if you are, then there is a good chance for you to come back to the working world, when things don’t go right in your quest for freedom.

Are you ready to quit your job and make a change in your life? Perhaps, the following list of questions might be of help.

1. Can I live without a steady paycheck?

Having your steady income paycheck taken away from you is one hurtful experience, and it is a loss that should not be taken lightly. Money is a very emotional thing and if you handle this wrongly, disaster awaits you. Not only you are deprived of cash, all the benefits such as medical coverage, dental plan, discounted goodies, house loan facilities and so on will be gone. Can you live without them?

2. Do I have enough money to get things started?

Think of the investment that you will need to make to put your plan into action e.g. the new laptop, broadband connection, fax machines, packaging, materials and so on. This should cover both the immediate needs and the future needs. Also note that the money we are talking about here only cover the business operation and in no way it should involve your emergency fund. Can the money be put into good use and drive your venture forward?

3. Will you come back working for people?

When things go wrong, the temptation of going back to where you were most comfortable at – the full time, 9 to 5 job will be unbearable. It is even more compelling if you were good at your job and have been performing well in your company before. More than half of those who quit their job to realize their own dream would eventually end up going back to the working world. Will you be one of them?

4. What is your back up plan?

In case of disaster, what are the immediate action plans you can fall back into? Will you go back to the previous answer? If not, what are your options? Will you be selling the house? Will you be using the emergency fund? Will you be begging your parents for money? Will you turn yourself to loan sharks?

5. Can you wait for years before success?

Success comes with a price. It is not cheap, but it is worth every penny of it. The question is, how long can you wait? Can you suffer for the next 3 years before reaping the profits? If your full time job requires you to be in the office 9 hours per day, can you work 14 hours per day in your own venture for the next 12 months? Only you can know it.

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