Are You Suffering From A Burnout?

As a staff, you will get to experience the ups and downs of work. There are times when you don’t get too much work but don’t get me started on the months when the company is doing extremely well. Most of the time, you will have to work hard, and I mean really hard to get on track with the deadline of different projects.

Of course, we are happy to see that the company is doing well. After all, it means more money for us. Bonus or commission, they all matter to us. However, you might have to sacrifice your health. Have you think about that before?

Have you ever feel like burning out? Do you know how to identify a burn out?

  1. You are feeling extremely lazy to get up every morning for work.
  2. You arrive at work late.
  3. You are doing really bad at work.
  4. You are feeling sleepy most of the time at work.
  5. You are feeling stressed all the time, when you are working on several projects.
  6. You get into arguments with your colleagues.
  7. You are feeling bored at work.
  8. You feel like calling in sick, but you can’t because you are responsible for your work.

If you experience any ONE of these symptoms, you are totally burned out.

It is important to take actions early before it gets worse. When you are burned out at work, you should evaluate your role at work. Maybe you are taking up too much responsibility at work, when you should delegate the jobs among your colleagues.

You might want to check on your schedule before you work on anything. Arrange your schedule so that you can sneak in some rest time for yourself. Remember health is more important than your job.

If you know the causes of your burn out, you might want to try to beat it out of your life. As mentioned before, delegate your work so that you can spend more time on just ONE project instead of having to work on more projects within a short time frame.

Get help if you can’t solve this on your own. Talk to someone. Talk to your manager or colleagues. Seek help so that you won’t feel alone. Remember, you are not alone. There are people out there who are just like you, all burned out at work.

Finally, when things just don’t seem to work out perfectly, consider going for a short holiday. Take at least one week off and spend your time somewhere far away from home or office. Clear your mind and relax. Hopefully by the time you are back for work, you will be energised and ready to take on the challenge.

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