Tony Fernandes Quits Twitter

Tony Fernandes (Image: Wikipedia)
Tony Fernandes (Image: Wikipedia)

Business magnet Tony Fernandes has shocked the social media world by quitting Twitter indefinitely. His few last messages were in tune of disappointment.

I will be closing down my Twitter account today. As I said wait till QPR get promoted and I reach 50. I may restart dedicated accounts.

Goodbye all. Maybe I return. Been fun. Damn useful. Speak the truth and be brave.

Stand up for what you believe, fight oppression and most importantly, enjoy life. Bye bye all!

TonyFernandesTwitterTony Fernandes is prominently known for turning AirAsia, a small airline operator, into one of the world’s most successful budget carriers, starting by mortgaging his property and used his own savings to acquire AirAsia ownership.

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How I Quit My Job to Travel the World

Gina Dowd (Image courtesy of BBC)
Gina Dowd (Photo courtesy of BBC)

How I quit my job and decided to do what I want to do in my life

Gina Dowd was a high-paying financial lawyer based in Washington, United States. But being a high-paying executive meant a tremendously busy working life, working tirelessly day and night. Realizing that she had been overly engulfed with her work, Gina decided, one day in January 2009, to quit her job altogether.

Dina would abort her plan to buy a property and instead focus the next 12 months period to save money in order to execute her next, big life goal: traveling the world. She also sold off most of her possessions.

Gina in Tasmania (Photo courtesy of BBC)
Gina in Tasmania (Photo courtesy of BBC)

Accompanied only by a few traveling books, Dina began her journey with Hawaii, and later to Fiji and Australia. While journeying her way to these places, she learnt surfing, diving and exploring exotic forests. This whole early part of journey took about three months.

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Book: Employment Law Manual for Practitioners

Book: Employment Law Manual for Practitioners. By Maimunah Aminuddin.

About the Book

This Manual serves as a comprehensive handbook on employment laws for the practice of human resource management. It describes in detail the relevant legislation including the Minimum Retirement Age Act 2012 and provides illustrative examples of the application of these laws.

Topics such as statutory benefits, safety and health, industrial relations, termination and trade union rights are intensively discussed by the author. Additionally, examples of good practices are included for practitioners to implement in their workplace.

bookThis indispensable guide is written by a prolific writer, MAIMUNAH AMINUDDIN who has authored more than a dozen books on employment law, industrial relations and human resource management. Maimunah graduated from the University of Auckland and was a lecturer for 34 years at Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of employment law and describes herself as “addicted to writing”.

Key Features

  • Adverts to all key topics of Malaysian employment law
  • Highlights the most recent decisions of the Industrial Courts and the Civil Courts to illustrate the application of the law
  • Includes key statutory forms in the appendices
  • Provides a list of commonly asked questions and answers to facilitate a better understanding of the topics
  • Serves as an all-in-one guide and written in a reader-friendly format


  • Human resource management and industrial relations practitioners
  • Company directors, general managers, CEOs, MDs
  • Managers and senior managers
  • Company secretaries
  • Finance officers with HR responsibilities
  • Safety and health officers
  • Trade union officers
  • Legal officers

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How to Use Twitter to Land Your Dream Job

Instead of wasting away hours of your day trawling through posts on Twitter and Facebook, why not utilize social media to land yourself a dream job? Whilst you may think it’s an unlikely place to start a job hunt, it can be surprisingly effective if you go about it in the right way. With the current high unemployment rates, and extremely high number of applicants applying for jobs which come up through the usual job channels, some of the most exciting and innovative businesses are searching for potential employees in a completely new way.

Here are some top tips to help you land your dream job through Twitter:

Be Professional

First things first: it’s important that you build yourself a professional looking profile that will be appropriate to your desired industry. This doesn’t mean it has to be boring, but putting a picture of yourself on a drunken night out is certainly not going to give off the right impression. Be mindful about the way in which you conduct yourself as well, which means not putting controversial or rude statements on your bio, and being thoughtful about your tweets, images, shares, and re-tweets.

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