Housewife’s RM100,000 income

From News Straits Times.

Speaking hesitantly in a thick Terengganu accent, Zainun Tahir comes across as the quiet, reserved housewife that she is.

Well, last year, she took home roughly RM100,000 in income.

The sum is the commission she made on selling more than RM360,000 worth of lipsticks, compacts, brooches, lingerie and shampoo.

Direct selling group Avon Malaysia on Thursday honoured Zainun, who was its second biggest dealer for 2006.

She did it by going from house-to-house seven days a week in the rural districts around Kemaman, where she lives.

Every day, she managed to convince an average of 30 housewives to pamper themselves with a bottle of perfume here, a bracelet there.

The 40-year-old’s achievement is all the more remarkable because she makes every sale herself.

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