Azali Azlan’s Secret to 21As

Is there a secret in Azali Azlan’s success to getting 21As in SPM? Apparently there isn’t, except that one needs to focus on his goal and work hard towards it.

Azali made headline in the SPM 2007 result announced recently by scoring 201As and one 2A in his examination. Azali’s success eclipsed the previous record hold by Nur Amalina Che Bakri from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ulu Tiram, Johor who scored 171As in the SPM 2004. Azali’s achievement made his school, the students and the teachers of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama (SMKA) Yan, Kedah, proud.

Azali Azlan SPM 21A Best StudentHe took Bahasa Melayu, English, Syariah Education, Al-Quran & Sunnah, Arabic Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Modern Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, History, Geography, Commerce, Economy, Accounting, Science, Art, Islamic Studies, Islamic Tasawwur, Malay Literature and English for Science and Technology. With 21 subjects in his hand, he underwent a rather grueling examination schedule. For a 3-week stretch, he sat down at least 2 papers daily and only had his break on weekends.

Azali was awarded the Tokoh Nilam Kebangsaan 2007 award with his achievement.

Azali admits that he did not really have any special method in doing his preparation and revision for the exam. According to him, he would study when he felt like doing it, and rest if the mood was not swinging towards the study mode. The hostel life in his school has also provided Azali with some conducive environment for him to balance his studies and other activities.

Both Azali’s parents, Azlan Othman and Rozita Sanapi, are teachers in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

A piece of advice – scoring excellent results in examinations is only one of those barriers and challenges in life. While we are being taught to strive in achieving great academic attainment, it is not an indication or a guarantee that you will have a good life and career later on. Nevertheless, it is a good start and hopefully this gives Azali and the likes a good foundation of how one can excel in their life later. On another note, people who do not score good result must not be disappointed with themselves as many have proven that they can taste a real success without having good academic background. There’s much more to life than scoring all As in SPM.

[Photo & story: Harian Metro]

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  1. i remember when i took sPm last 2 year.. getting an A for one subject is so hard for average student like me.. But 21 straight As? what i can say is just he is a crazy guy!! good work dude,Spm is just beginning.. neway,wish u all the gud luck

    1. how can i b like u??pmr pun i just got 4a’s,.it is too hard for me to remember sumthing,.how can u do it??
      iam really2 want to b like u,.just want to proud my mom n dad,.huu,.

  2. frenzs & i really admire your gives new inspirati0n 2 us…wish u gud luck….(anyway what is your success secret recipe…i think b0ut it all the night but still can’t find the way)

  3. Assalamualaikum,,hp u in a pink of health……..congratulation of ur successsssss…………….
    hp u hv a good life after this……………

  4. Assalamualaikum.. as a student i am so proud with azali..Congratulations!!!
    Insya A llah..i hope can get the best result like you got..SPM 12 A1 in my hand!!!
    Yes..I know I can,Azali!!

  5. assalamualaikum……congra2lation 2 u…it was so amazing that malay student got better result like u… bdk form 4…sy ad bnyk prob in my study…n im hoping tht u can help me….this is my mail……tq…smoga abg truzzz success….

  6. wait a mnte…..i hope u will help me…if u want 2 help me…..plzzz send msj 2 my email…..k….plzzz……..i hope i can be like u n make my parent happy…….wslm….

  7. hello,
    thank 4 coming to our school and shared your experiences with us…….
    we realiy appericiate it……
    please pray 4 my pmr dis year..

  8. Semekom, how are you feel after got straight As in SPM last year?? actully i’m form 2 student but i want to know how you got result like that?? i think it was very dificult.. but you have a done better..i hope we will be friend also..wokkey? i hope you always succes in your study. arhhh… also plez pray 4 my pmr next year.. i hope that you can help me.. this is my e mail …. sory my english is broken.. bubye….

  9. Good work and glad that you manage to handle this well!! All the best in your future undertakings, and I believe all the hard work you had devoted will bring you a smoother route in the future. Keep it up!

  10. I’m from Kedah, and Im in form 5 now!
    Im scare about my SPM, but i dont even help myself with it! After, i met u, Azali in Smj, the GMPS worker give us your distribution “Bicara Azali Azlan” book..dude i’ve read it…and i feel something after that! Really!
    I’ve started my study now! I take 10 subjects! I’m whole sore but i will make it!

  11. salam, foremost well done to u, Im proud to hav a smka stdnt like u …
    do the best 4 Islam’s name, insyaAllah I’ll pray 4 u.. Jemaah x pernah memerlukan kita, kita yg memerlukannya

  12. assalamualaikum..firstly,tahniah sbab dpat 21A..bkan senang tuwh.. hope truskan p’juangan abg.. success slalu.. kitorg nk tiru cre abg blaja ley tak??? ok lah.. 2 je.. lastly,doakan kitorg.. wassalam..

  13. tahniah. walaupun telah berjaya tetapi letakkanlah cintamu kepada Allah di tempat yang paling utama dimana juga kamu berada.Semoga sentiasa berada dalam rahmatNya.amin

  14. Salam,now Azali in Kuyem Lembah Beringin Rawang,congratulations and Allah bless all Muslimin and Muslimat in the world and in Palestine.

  15. aslmkm azali..congrats 4 your great results!!ble azali nk dtg skull sy??saya arap azali ley dtg ke smk kompleks gong badak,kuala tganu..anyway,gud luck n hope sngat2 ley dtg skull sy ok!CHAIYOK!

  16. i would say that, if he can just get 20A1.. then I’m sure he can study Medicine easily. Come on man. 21 subjects need a really need to divide time wisely. But, if he study medicine, he only need to study about 6 subjects which are but I know he can memorise in few secs. My godness. He is a total genius.

  17. assalamualaikum…
    alhamdulillah…congratulation to you…i hope you will go on your life with rahmat Allah…..amin……this year i have pmr and hopefully i’ll get 8A for this..pray for me okay….nice to hear your good result…assalamualaikum..
    spend time to chat with me about your secret ,

  18. Salam abg azali..saya berbangga dengan kejayaan remaja sperti bag azali yg mengaplikasikan khidupan seharian dengan agama islam..

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