Not Easy Being a Doctor

Becoming a medical doctor is no easy job and students wishing to become a doctor must be prepared psychologically, mentally and physically.

That is the advice of Perak’s Health Director, Datuk Dr. Ahmad Razin Mahir, who wrote a lengthy letter to The Star, addressing a number of issues affecting the doctors and medical graduates recently.

To be a good doctor, one must expect to be polished up real good. Here, the housemanship would be a perfect place for the training ground. And Dr Ahmad wants the housemanship doctors to make good of this opportunity.

During the housemanship training, new doctors will be confronted with endless list of tasks, including managing patients, assisting specialists in the surgery room, getting scolded by senior medical officers and even slapped with litigation suits by patients. In a nut shell, a housemanship officer will spend thousands of hours during the training regime with little holidays, but this is what it takes to shape up a skilled, competent doctors.

Some of the graduates obviously came unprepared as a result was greeted with a shock of their life upon encountering clinical issues. Dr Ahmad related an incident where a new doctor came across a dying child and was left helpless while nurses were busy trying to revive the patient, who eventually died. The doctor concluded she had chosen the wrong career.

So, is becoming a doctor an ambition of your choice? You be the judge.

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