The Best City to Get Tech Jobs

The employment market has suffered rather significantly amid the global recession across the world recently. But that does not mean there are no job vacancies in the offering. Look around and look harder; you may find what you have been looking for somewhere around the corner.

Some cities and places thrive better than others when it comes to providing employment opportunities.

Some good guys in the US News and World publication have recently embarked on a survey to find the best cities which provide tech job opportunities in the United States. Atlanta was named as the best city, and guess what, San Diego, once a thriving Silicon Valley tech center, was only ranked at poor 7th. [Source]

Atlanta was chosen over more than 2,000 cities across the American land surveyed by a team of analysts, with the help of Onboard Informatics, a data services company based in New York City. Rapid growth, corporate expansion exercises and competitive salaries were found to be the major reasons of Atlanta’s high rating, with Information Technology (IT) identified as the industry’s major boost for the city. The pace of IT job growth here is now outperforming the national average of the IT hiring.

As the state capital of Georgia, is also the most populous city in the state with a population of over half a million.

A number of factors or parameters have been looked into in coming up with the list, such as the rate of graduation, demographical job openings, supply and demand, salary data and cost of living.

Apart from Atlanta, other cities which are highly credited with the tech job openings are Boston (2), Houston (3), Huntsville (4), New York (5), Phoenix (6), San Diego (7), San Francisco (8), Seattle (9) and Washington (10).

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