The Best Job in 2012: Software Engineer

The best job in 2012?

What is the best job in America and possibly in the world for this year, 2012? It is software engineer, a recent finding suggests. The job is in high demand, pays good salary and offers promising growth. A software engineer also usually works in a ‘cool’ environment (think Google, Apple, Amazon and the like).

Also, with the Silicon Valley now booming with IT and computer related start ups, the prospects of being in software engineering field could not come at a more opportune time.

CareerCast, a US-based career website, evaluated 200 different professions across a number of industries, level of skills, salary range and the current demand of the job to rank the job. In the study, both best jobs and worst jobs are ranked.

On average, a software engineer earns about US$88,142.00 annual salary (good Silicon Valley start ups are willing to pay between $150k and $200k for talented programmers). In addition to good salary package, software engineering is one of those jobs subject to the least physical demand.

Software engineer (some people call them computer programmers or developers) typically develops, designs, tests, debugs and maintains systems or applications to make them work in the desired specifications. Software engineering requires competency in computer science, mathematics and logics, as well as good know-how of analysis, execution, testing and re-engineering.

Other jobs that make it to the “best job” list include actuary, human resources manager, financial planner and dental hygienist.

There is a catch though. Despite its popularity and growing demand, graduates in software engineering field are warned not to settle with what were being taught at school; they themselves should pick up new skills as the industry evolves. The way applications and systems run change pretty fast with time, and this requires prompt adaptation to the way software engineering is managed. Those who fail to catch up will find themselves behind in no time.

Six years ago, in 2006, the Money Magazine and website also ranked software engineer as the best job in America.

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