Beware of What You Say To an Interviewer

Picking the right words can do wonders. You can either get the job, or missed it!

You should be careful when you speak, and listen closely to what your interviewers have to say.

These are a few rules to remember.

1. Never bad mouth your previous employer.

If you are being asked the question, “why you are applying for this job?”, do not talk about the issues you might have with your previous employer. Today, you might bad mouth about your previous employer. Tomorrow, you might be doing the same thing to your current employer. Therefore, in order to impress your interviewers, never bad mouth about anything at all (be it someone or a company).

2. Do not ask about “vacation”, “sick leaves” or “bonus”.

At least not in the first stage. You are trying to leave a good impression and these type of questions are not doing you any good. It looks like as if you care about the perks more than you care about your career.

3. Do not say “I have another appointment coming up, can we get this done fast?”.

Say this and you can kiss goodbye to the job you are applying for! Yes, it is that serious. You should have set a goal to only attend one interview at one time. Otherwise, you will need to find a way to make sure your interviews are not overlapping.

4. Never say no to something even though you have not tried it before / not interested in.

So, your interviewers are asking you whether you are willing to spend time learning a new software or maybe work late sometimes. The key is do not say no. You might want to think of a clever answer to this type of questions but definitely not by answering “No” because employers want their employees to be flexible.

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  1. Good reminders. No.3 – yes, not a good idea to attend more than 2 interviews in a day. You may not voice out loud but the knowledge that you’ll be running late for the next interview may give you unnecessary stress that affects the performance of the current interview.

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