BE Forms 2008 Now Available

According to The Star today, the LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) has sent out all the income tax return form – Borang BE to tax payers for the 2008 tax declaration purpose.

The forms were sent between January and February this year.

However, those who filed their income tax return online through the eFiling last year will not receive the hardcopy of the form. Instead, LHDN would send a reminder to their email and a direct link to the eFiling page.

Users need to log on to their eFiling account using the same user (IC number) and password like the previous year. Those who have forgotten their password can do a reset by visiting the nearest Hasil branch, or call 1-300-88-3010 for assistance.

The final date of the submission of the BE Forms is set at the same date as the previous years, which is on 30 April 2009.

eFiling users are advised to complete their tax return as soon as possible to avoid glitches arising due to traffic congestion as a result of a last minute filing. Last year, the eFiling system crashed one day before the due date as thousands of people swarming the website to accomplish their mission.

It is also important to note that effective 1 July 2008, the LHDN website domain was changed from to

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  1. The LHDN should extend the due date to send the Borang E, especially for us that far away at the remote areas of Sarawak. We take time to come down to fill the form.

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