Filling Up SPA8 Form Online

To apply for job vacancies in the Malaysia Government and civil service, candidates are required to fill up SPA8 Form or Borang SPA8, as part of the pre-requisites.

Traditionally, SPA (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) advertises in major newspapers about two times in a year to announce the release of the SPA form, whereby interested job candidates can obtain the form from a number of selected avenues, offices and branches (also from the post office), together with the guideline book (buku panduan) which costs you RM5.

Through new initiative and as part of the government’s moves to advocate all things online, today you can minimize the hassle of queuing up to get the application form in post office and instead opt to submit your job application through Form SPA8 online (known as Borang SPA8i). Better, this method would not cost you a dime. Just like the e-filing, the form is only available in one language at the moment, and you guessed it correctly – it’s in Bahasa Malaysia.

Following is a series of simple steps that you can follow in order for you to apply your desired job vacancy with the government of Malaysia:

1. Bookmark the SPA8 Form Website Page

Yes, first of all, you need to know the URL of the website, otherwise you can’t start registering and applying for jobs. Click here to go to the SPA8i website page – opens in new window.

You will land at a content-rich page, where you can see a host of menus, guides and other peripheral information. All of these are useful depending on which category you belong to. In case you have problems viewing the information, there is also some piece of guideline that tells you what you need to do if problem occurs. Now depending on your qualification, you will need to fill the right form which is in accordance to your highest academic credential, i.e. the following:

  • Degree/Masters or PhD
  • Diploma/STP/STPM/HSC
  • SPM/SPM(V)/Sijil
  • Kelayakan Bakat
  • Latihan Separa Perubatan

Each category differs from each other through different Grading (Gred) and Salary Scale (Tangga Gaji) allocation, and comes with its own set of online application form. As such, particular care must be taken to ensure that the right form is picked up and filled. Also, as there will be a few sections to attend to, allow yourself between 45 minutes to 1 hour for the whole process from determining your desired job vacancies and completing & submitting your form.

2. Decide Which Job Vacancies You Want to Apply For

Borang SPA8 onlineAfter making yourself familiar with the page, now it’s time to select the job vacancies you want to apply. The SPA8 form allows you to apply up to 10 different positions.

Available positions are available in the ‘Maklumat Jawatan’ link, which can be seen all over the places. For each of different categories, up to 100 vacancies are listed, together with the corresponding position grade and the salary. Clicking on each position will open up a new Javascript window that tells more details about the job, including full requirement and responsibilities.

3. Select the Correct Form, and Start Filling Up

Borang SPA 8 OnlineThe next and perhaps the most important task is filling up your SPA8 form. Choose the correct form on your left menu according to your highest qualification.

A pop-up, online form will appear which is ready to be filled up, consisting about 4 pages. Among key information to be submitted are the selected vacancies, preferred job interview center and personal particulars. The most time consuming part is the academic section, but the rest should be a breeze.

Below is an example of part of the SPA8 form for a Degree, Masters and PhD holders; this is only 1 part of the whole 4 pages.

Borang SPA 8 Online

Candidates who have registered themselves through the online application form will be called up for interview within a year after application is submitted, if they are short listed for any particular job vacancy. Candidates who use the online form of SPA8 can also periodically check the status of their application online, through the same page shown at the beginning of this article, by keying in their I/C number.

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  1. i wanted 2 study 4 u hv any vacancy.m a SPM leaver n i wanna further up my u help me.

  2. i did my spm jz on last year after gone trough so much of problems.. im so interested in furthering my studys to be a teacher.. is there any opportunity for me to study in the related field by spa8? please help me to achieve my dreams.. TQ

  3. i’m looking for a jod as a nurse. But in my hand right now is just my SPM result, this year i’m 20, next year i’m 21… Is there still have any oppurtunity for me to further my study as a nurse??? Please help me as quick as posibble, i really need help right now… Please, i’m begging for kindness… Please.

  4. mana dia borang spa….susah sangat nak cari…penat dah saya on9 ini..kenapa payah sangat…mata nie nak cari dah penat….pening di buat nya….mudahkan lah keja kita orang nak cari borang spa jangan lah nak penat kan kita orang pula TOLONG LAH

  5. apela punya web site nak cari borang spa8 punyala susah. boleh beli kat mana borang ni jabat pos buleh ke

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