Boss Day - I hope being self-employed on Boss's Day doesn't make you feel even lonelier than usual

Have you heard of Boss Day before?

Do you know the date for Boss Day?

Well, Boss Day falls on October 16 in United States. The purpose is obvious, to celebrate our boss.

What about Malaysia?

Apparently Boss Day is not popular in Malaysia. By doing a search on Google Malaysia, nothing comes up that is related to Boss Day.

That doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate Boss Day in Malaysia.

If you have really good boss, you can show some appreciation by:

  • sending an e-card
  • flowers
  • get something that is useful – a pen, a diary, even a bookmark is useful
  • wish him/her a “Happy Boss Day” – you will definitely make your boss happy

Have more ideas? Leave a comment!

p/s: We have Staff Day / Employee Appreciation Day – there is no fixed date so we can pick any day we want! Get an e-card for your employee. This is different from Secretaries’ Day.

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