Brain Surgeons Existed Some 1800 Years Ago

According to National Geographic website, a skull of an 1,800-year-old skeleton was found in Greece which is not just another everyday discovery. The finding is believed to be a rare evident of ancient—and failed—brain surgery. The skull belongs to an ancient young women and the first thing you will notice is the presence of a large hole hole on the upper to the front side of the skull.

It wasn’t stated if this patient was put under anesthetic condition or drugged prior and during the ‘operation’. But according to the expert analysis, she died during the ‘surgery’ or shortly afterward. Perhaps, not surprisingly.


Brain Surgeon - Ancient Skull Found

They also said that “only trained and specialized doctor could have attempted”. We will be left wondering which school this surgeon went to during the century. Scary.

Brain Surgeon - Ancient Skull FoundAnother discovery was also made in England by the English Heritage team after a skull was discovered that indicated some complex operations were performed on it in Anglo-Saxon England some 1000 years ago.

A 40-year old peasant from Yorkshire, northern England was hit in the head and a doctor delicately removed the scraps of the skull. Unlike the unlucky girl before, the man survived the operation and lived for a few years more. He was believed to have died from unrelated causes.


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  1. How impressive is this discovery!!! However, with the big hole on the skull, I am really doubting what and how the doctors are educated to operate in ancient.

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