Business English

Do you realise that we use English everyday?

We talk in English, write in English and read in English especially at work, unless if you are working for the government (which you will be using BM most of the time).

The only problem is that, while you can talk and read in English, you might not be able to write excellently in English especially when it comes to business English usage.

Writing for business is different from writing for personal blogs or English examination. Most of the time, you have to sound professional and not personal.

When you are composing business emails, there are certain rules to follow (or protocols).

These phrases are considered to be outdated:

  1. “for your kind perusal”
  2. “revert to”
  3. “enclosed herewith”

How can you improve your business English (especially in writing)? How can you be updated rather than outdated?

Corporate training offers you a platform to learn formally so that you can apply what you have studied in your work.

You can sign up for short courses on your own, or have your company to sign up for group training so that you can learn with your colleagues.

This is a worthy investment, even for companies.

What you will be learning?

  1. Soft Skills
  2. Business Communication Skills
  3. General Business English
  4. English for Specific Purposes

You can even customise the Business English course you want to attend.

Find a course that is within your budget and start learning.

You might want to start with British Council:-

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