Cadet Pilots Intake for GGIFA Flying School

GGIFA International College of Aviation is an Approved Flying Training Organization (AFTO) which has a fully equipped campus next to the New Bintulu Airport, having the capability to accommodate more than 150 cadets.

The campus commenced its operation in mid 2007 with their first and second batch of cadet pilots currently flying and have completed their first solo flight.

GGIFA is now inviting SPM leavers who obtained good results (at least 5 credits in English, Maths and other science subjects) to undergo training in its flying school. The certification from the training will allow the students to become professional pilots. Students will have their opportunity to experience practical flight training with unrestricted air space, spanning more than 400 nautical miles of flying training area.

GGIFA Flying School and Academy

The most current intake starts on 15 April 2008, and will be followed by other intakes every 2 months later.

GGIFA’s headquarter is based in Subang Jaya, Selangor (Full address: West Wing 03-4, Subang Square, SS15/4G, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia). Any inquiry, you can talk to the Career Counselor, Mr Sonnie by calling +6 08 6333 699.

Application for the training can be made online here. Details of the various types of training are also included in the website.

GGIFA is also in the planning to build the largest flying training area in the Asia Pacific region, which will be located some 500 meters from the current campus. The new campus will be capable to house between 600-800 cadet pilots, instructors and staff. It is also expected to be upgraded into an Aviation University College offering Diploma courses ranging from Avionics, Aircraft Engineering, Maintenance Engineering and Airline Management.

As more and more flying schools are mushrooming in Malaysia, aspiring pilots today are presented with more options and realizing their dream will become closer and closer.

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    1. The fee varies depending on the school, roughly between RM150k-RM200k. You should contact the flying school or academy respectively to know the exact figure.

  1. hi..
    i spm graduate but i’m malaysia prob are, when i joint the pilot training
    in GGIFA i also have a responsblity wth Majlis Sukan Negara. when i have a training as a athlt a game can i take a break from ur college?

  2. 1. Berapakah yuran kemasukkan kolej GGIFA?
    2. Adakah mempunyai kemudahan untuk membuat pinjaman sebagai bayaran pengajian?
    3. Setelah tamat latihan adakah mudah/disediakan pekerjaan?
    4. Bilakah kemasukkan baru pada tahun ini?

  3. What will be the career path for a new graduate (who had done only 200 flying hours) as most Airline require 2000 flying hours experience?

  4. reply on my web please
    i want to be a pilot ut really need a sponsor ship for taking pilot
    i got 6as for my spm
    n im 168cm n 58kg

    1. hi hud,just apply for cadet pilot programme offered by:

      academy qualification: must completely passed SPM with 6 credit including B.malaysia,Math,and SCIENCE subject taken at one sitting
      2.passed diploma/degree in engineering or science related with minimum CGPA 3.0 or above

      FEES: become an airline pilot u need Rm200k atleast….(Rm250k actually now)…so expensive..

      i hope this will gives u a rough idea on what is it about

      for more goodest guide:
      – please go to http://WWW.DCA.GOV.MY….

  5. requirement to be cpl pilot:
    1.age between 18 to 26 years old
    2.pass SPM with (6)credit including B.malaysia,math and a
    science subject taken at one sitting
    3.physically and mentally fit with good eyesight(not colour blind)
    4.minimum height 163(5 inch 2 ft)

    if u need to know more,please visit:

  6. Hye,
    Fr0m what u’v said just n0w, If i want t0 apply, i need 6 ct in my spm 0r dipl0ma/degree in engineer 0r science. H0w ab0ut Dipl0ma In Business Studies? Can i still apply? If i use my spm, f0r sure i cant. I g0t 5 ct but I didnt hve ct f0r my math.

  7. it’s been almost five years and nothing change new buildings, no new equipment, just a plywood building .. i guess it will be closed soon..all the articles above is only to attract students..i think the management doenst have enough money to build such a big college as what is mentioned above..think about it..

  8. hye,i wanna ask do i need to pay it fully or monthly..??and wat is the height n weight for a man.??is there any scholarship prerpared for the students..??thats all i wanna ask…hope u reply me..thankz..

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