Can You Send Resignation Letter via Email?

Can you send resignation letter via email?

Can you send resignation letter via email? Is it valid? Will the employer accept a resignation when the notice is given through email as the medium?

Some believe that resignation letter via email is not valid as the letter does not include the sender’s signature. No signature means it is not proper, or not legally valid.

In reality, that’s not quite true. You can absolutely use the email as the medium to send your resignation letter. Bear in mind that email communication at workplace is a norm these days. The speed and convenience it offers make email a notable medium for key transactions such as invoicing, work delegation, report submission and delivery of other important documentations. With email at large, telephone has now been relegated to a number two.

This being said, when using the email to communicate, the most important point is to ensure that your intention is well understood and comprehended. When writing your resignation letter in an email, professionalism must be properly maintained. Also, when you resign, the terms and conditions as stipulated in the letter of offer and guidelines of the Employment Act are properly adhered.

While it is not wrong to use email to send your resignation letter, there is always a better way.

It won’t take much to print your resignation letter, sign it and physically hand it over to your boss. A little courtesy goes a long way. The better way is probably to inform your superior verbally your intention to leave, and follow up with a properly written resignation letter.