Career as Pharmacy Technician

Career as pharmacy technician discussed

Pharmacy technician is a profession where a health care worker carries out pharmacy related responsibilities and normally works under a supervision of a registered pharmacy. A pharmacy technician makes part of the important support system in pharmacy operation.

Pharmacy technicians can be largely found in hospitals, clinics and retail pharmacies, but their career prospect is not only limited to these establishments. Other than those mentioned, a pharmacy technician can also be based in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, insurance companies and even software firms. A person with the same education background may also choose to be a government officer or even becoming part of the teaching profession.

Recent survey indicates that the job outlook for pharmacy technician in the US for the period 2010-2020 is optimistic with a projected growth of 32% (much faster than average percentage). Suffice to say, career prospect in this field is wide and bright.

One of the most important duties of a pharmacy technician is to ensure that accurate medications are dispensed to users or patients. Other than ensuring accuracy of drug dispensing, a pharmacy technician is also bound to perform administrative related duties that include consolidating inventories, rendering advice on non-prescription medication, processing payments, filing reports and dealing with third party companies or vendors.

To become a qualified pharmacy technician, certain professional qualification and training are required, and this would depend on the countries you are based in. Generally, a candidate for this profession is expected to complete at least high school, and preferably obtain diploma or equivalent credentials. Becoming a certified pharmacy technician can be achieved without a degree; with the right training and attachment, you can achieve this within only a short few years.

Career as a pharmacy technician can really be a rewarding one, if you have the passion.