Career Prospect for Aeronautical Engineering in Malaysia

Without doubt, there is high demand for engineering specialization, and Aeronautical is not spared. Perhaps with the sending of our first angkasawan into the space, many students now aspire to be in the aerospace and aeronautical field. First of all, Aeronautical Engineering is a sub-branch of Aerospace Engineering, which is related to aircrafts, spacecrafts and related topics.

Generally, Aerospace Engineering is defined as engineering work that deals with crafts leaving the atmosphere, while Aeronautical deals with crafts staying within the earth’s atmosphere. Some of the scientific topics covered in Aeronautical Engineering course are Aerodynamic, Control System, Materials, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Aircraft Structures. Aerospace and Aeronautical industry in Malaysia are still considered new especially when design, research and development are concerned. Despite the country’s achievement to become the 14th country in the world who managed to send an astronaut in the space, Malaysia is way lacking behind in terms of technology and development.

UTM or Universiti Teknologi Malaysia is the first institution in Malaysia that offered Aeronautical Engineering course with the introduction of Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering in 1980, a joint program with the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF). Then, the degree Aeronautical Engineering course was introduced, which is an area of specialization in Mechanical Engineering. Apart from providing the education courses, with its long presence, UTM is considered one of the best institutions that can provide students with facilities for research and development. My brother in law is one of those who completed a Degree in Mechanical Engineering, majoring in Aeronautical in UTM.

Another government initiative to support the aviation need in Malaysia is the collaboration between Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) under the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development and Northrop Rice Institute USA Inc. In the partnership, Northrop Rice Institute was assigned as the technology provider for development of aircraft maintenance technology. The initial set was in Jasin, Melaka and with the growth and increasing demand, a new facility was designed and completed in 2002, which takes place in Dengkil, Selangor. It is now known as Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology (MIAT). Additionally, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has their own School of Aerospace Engineering which offer two specializations – Aeronautical Engineering and Astronautical Engineering.

In February 2008, AirAsia Berhad and TAFE College in Seremban signed a memorandum that is tailored to initiate AirAsia support program, which includes the use of TAFE’s workshop facilities used to complete training in basic engineering skills. The memorandum will also see how TAFE college can assist to accommodate the long term need of aircraft maintenance engineer training. AirAsia adopt more than 60 modules of training programs, which enable the trainee engineers to qualify as licensed aircraft maintenance engineers who are recognized both by European and international standard.

With the recent happenings and news, it looks as if the market for the Aeronautical and Aerospace is booming. However, a little research on the job outlook and prospect for Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering reveals otherwise. A search in, presently the largest recruitment portal in Malaysia, to find jobs with the keyword ‘aeronautical’ or ‘aerospace’ today only resulted 2 related jobs. Both vacancies are advertised by Avcen Limited Malaysia which belongs to a foreign company specializing in aircraft design having its main headquarter based in London, United Kingdom. Similar search conducted with and produced zero result.

So what does this tell us?

It gives an indication that Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering related courses will potentially present a challenge to an aspiring engineering wishing to go into the said specialization. However, all is not over yet. Since Aeronautical and Aerospace themselves are branches of engineering field, it is highly likely that some specific subjects and syllabus covered during your studies can be made good use in other specializations. For example, design, maintenance, control, material, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics and others are useful in other fields such as structural, civil, utility and even Formula 1. In case of my brother in-law, he did not get a job with in Aeronautical related company, but ended up as an engineer with the national utility company, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, TNB.

Aviation companies like AirAsia and MAS (Malaysia Airlines System) periodically advertise engineering related positions in their websites, many of which requiring people with Aeronautical background. Also, it is worth to note that Aeronautical is an important element in defense, particularly military air. Many local engineering entities related to aircrafts and Aeronautical are initiated and founded by those who served the Royal Malaysia Armed Forces before.

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  1. i have finished my engg in mechanical ………i wanted to do some specialization course in air craft engg….

  2. spm 2007 cndidte..& i would like 2 frther my s2d in aerospace or aeronautical engnrng..but..accrding to my uncle..he advsd me 2 s2d in my question im going to s2d in US??i mean what i must do to s2d in US..who i need to meet..please help me..

      1. susah la kalu g glamorgan n kalu ambk n stdy kt overseas biler balik mlysia nnti lesen korang kner convert ikut mcar n kner oral lagi

  3. hi, i am spm 2007 cndidte, i kind of blur right now, i dont know what course to choose. Can i know what i can do if i obtain my diploma in mechanical engineering. What type of work can i do if i obtain a diploma in mechanical engineering. how much is the basic pay for a diploma holder for mechanical engineering. i hope you can reply me as fast as possible. i need your help………… please……………

  4. hi…. i wan 2 ask bout aircraft engineering courses in m’sia.. im kind blur rite nw tat tafe college’s diploma certificate in aircraft is valueable o nt 4 degree ..if i stop in diploma hw bout d job n salary can b earn??? pls help meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  5. I am a student in UTM, study Mchanical-Aeronautic. In your opinion, did i have an oppurtunity to start my carrer in aeronautics field ?

      1. Sad to say that our country dont have enough vacancy in aeronautic field. i also end up working in other fields..but there are no harm for you to study in UTM as i am also grad in Mech(Aero)..just keep up the good work.

    1. kepada semua student aeronautik utm. disini ada beberapa option kerjaya dlm bidang aeronautik untuk anda:

      1. Flying akademi di Malaysia sudah mula menerima graduan university untuk brkerja sebagai ground school instructor di sekolah mereka. Cth: HM aerospace, IFAS, APFT dan MFA (gaji starting bole tekan sampai rm2500)
      2. Mintak keje sebagai instructor maintenance kt Maintenance school seperti MATA, MIAT dan MAS engineering dll. Mereka ada training program untuk instructor.
      3. kepada yang minat bidang research dan pointer 3 ke atas, bole jadi tutor/jurutera pengajar kt UTM, UPM, UTHM, UIA dan USM. ada peluang sambung belajar. Kalau engineer kene jaga lab, jawatan tetap, keje kerajaan, dpt pinjaman kerajaan dan dapat pencen. hahaha…
      4. kepada yg minat bidang design dan aircraft manufacturing, bole mintk keje di syarikat-syarikat swasta. senarai syarikat bole didapati dari Malaysian Aerospace Industrial Report 2007/2008. Byk. Bergantung kepada kekosongan semasa.
      5. mintak keje kt DCA sebagai air traffic controller. Peluang keje kt sini byk…sampai ntah ape2 degree diorang sebat jadi ATC
      6. Join program LAME di MAS, APR dll. Permulaan mmg sakit. Elaun sikit sementara nk dpt LWTR.
      7. Join program LAME kt singapore airline. elaun byk sikit. Sing dollar
      8. Join Tentera Udara. Senang.

      yang penting mencuba dan jangan cepat putus asa. tebalkan muka untuk menghantar resume dan aplikasikan ilmu yg dipelajari dahulu. English jgn terabur sgt, profesional sikit. Janji org Paham kita dan wujud komunikasi efektif. haha…

      Susah sangat, tak dapat keje…sambung blaja.

      ex-UTM Aeronautical student

      1. assalamulaikm,saya nak tnye kalau saye dari sijil penyelengaraan pesawat..saya ingin menyambung diploma di utm kelayakan yang minimum diminta berapa??still lagi gne sijil spm??

  6. I want to ask that when i finished study in Mechanical-Aeronautic in UTM, can i get how much salary min in 1 month (if i had a job which relate aeronautic) ?? can u tell me?? 10q

  7. Hi,i am anand here….im gonna do diploma in aeronautical engineering…..i want 2 know how much salary
    for aeronautical engineer……..pls tolong….

    1. i’m not very sure..but it’s all depend on the company you are field is avionics, so this is all i can can get around RM10k if you are a licensed aircraft engineer(maybe more).you will know better once you enter this field.some company does offer good pay if you have multi-category license which means you can sign for all electrical job except compass.they can pay about RM25k.but it’s not that easy to get a license.several phase must be taken.step by step..if you got determination,why not..and the job is yours man.

      1. Hei frenzz. anand here what is the steps to be taken to be enroll as a cadet pilot in malaysia airlines..pls help me dude..

      2. could i then know the companies in malaysia offering vacancies for avionics or aeronautics? your speedy reply is very much appreciated as i would have to reply my universities very soon.

  8. Hello i want to ask which company take fresh mekanikal aeronautikal enginer in malaysia ? I from UTM

  9. im metallurgical engineering student from local university. I really interested to the aeronautical & aerospace field.Is there any opportunities that i cn join this field for as future career?

  10. im currently doing my higher national diploma in mechanical engineering under group of lagenda college mantin….my aim is continue my degree in aircraft engineering….so for that i need a nice good explanation about that course…i want know …where i can continue my degree course on aircraft…then i want know the daitails about the college or university……so i think in future i can be a aircraft maintanance engineering….so thank u ..and plzz help me ….

  11. ive ben hearing rumuours that no 1 gts a job in malaysia for this field of engineering ive been told tat 1 must go 2 u.s to do further studies and find a job at there te same time. so is tis true and 1 more ting wat kind of companies offer tis job cuz 1 dont hav 1 in my list

  12. since so many students are flocking into the aeronautical field in various institutes which offers this course
    such as utm , tafe , miat and nilai international college, what are the possibility of all the graduates who graduate from this field being successfully employed.. further more mas n airasia are independently recruiting and training their candidates(if i’m correct)… moreover increasing fuel price is causing major setback to the airline industries which may lead to bankruptcy of certain airlines in the worst case scenario.. so can some1 advice me regarding the job employment prospect of this field in malaysia.. dont you think that the jobseekers in this field will get saturated to the amount of vacancies in this career.. it’ll b gr8 if some1 would kindly clear my doubts.. thank u ..

    1. Let’s not just look at MAS and AirAsia.. please also look at their vendors… company that do maintenance and overhaul for aircraft parts… Let’s see in malaysia.. they are many companies like this.. Hamilton Sundstrand, High Standard Aviation, Sepang Aircraft Engineering, Spirit Aerosystems and more others… please do search in internet and exhibitions…

      1. not to mention logistic companies available in malaysia
        FEDEX, DHL for instance

      2. hey.. i wanna ask u lol…..
        is it true only mas and air asia take their own apprentice as aircraft engineer.. ? then how aboat othr company,, they take employer from university,?
        and if some1 got licence … are they cn apply for a job there?

        1. Mas and Air Asia mostly take their apprntce..but 1/10 chance u can get work there if u not from their academy..just try to send the resume…other company alwys looking out 4 fresh graduate to work with them..such airod, atsc, zetro, there are so many lol…

      1. really…well u see
        i am currently an spm leaver
        i have an offer to pursue in mechatronics (diploma) at utm..
        am i a eligible to further in degree with a specialization in aeronautical

        thx for the answers

    1. if u want to be a pilot,just apply for any flying school in malysia…no need for ur diploma in aeronautic n so on..its all no need….ur spm result most important..get a1 in physics,english,n ur dream mayb come true…now,i’m also a cadet pilot by sponsor on malaysia airlines

      1. don’t forget that you need pay some fee before you could enroll into their courses. (estimate RM11000). After that, the flying school could arrange scholarship or sponsorship for you from local bank/MARA etc since the tuition fee to become a pilot (PPL, CPL, ATPL, IR licenses) is expensive. (estimate RM230,000 for entire course)

        Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested to join flying school such as Asia Pacific flight traning (Kota bahru, Kelantan) or IFAS (Sandakan, Sabah).


        1. Hi Syafiq, I’m Charles. 19yr old. Currently studying A-level while waiting for cadet intake. But unfortunately,I get 7D in BM for my SPM result, for the rest satisfied the requirement(A1 in maths, A2 in physics, B3 in add-maths and B4 in english). May I know if I finish A-level, does Spm BM important for me to apply cadet pilot whether in Mas or Airasia or even Singapore Airline? I need your help. Please state your opinion or suggestion. Should I need to re~sit Spm 6 subject in one sitting?? Or any loan can I get?

  13. i’m an undergraduate student, now i’m still studying at matriculation college. i’d like to continue my studies after finished my 1 year diploma program. i preferably choose the course of aeronautical engineering, i wonder what should i do to get this courses, what are the qualification needed?

  14. im a form 4 student in alor setar. i wonder to know about aeronautical engineering so that i could choose a correct pathway of my life. what is the qualification needed ? what are the universities providing this course? how about the loans ans scholarships?

  15. The several comments I’ve read above on becoming a Licensed Aircraft Engineer have tossed me to form my opinion of the decline in the English standard. The command of English among the commenters here are below average. In fact, I’d say young graduates have trouble getting their ideas across in languages other than their own. And yet, you are so keen to becoming a Licensed Aircraft Engineer.

    To be accepted by DCA, you also need to pass your essay test and the oral test conducted by the members of the DCA as well as your 17 papers throughout the course.

    I wish you all luck and all the best for those who are interested to pursue their study in this field..

    1. To:Is.
      How does one become a Licensed Aircraft Maintenence Engineer.What is the initial tertiary qualification required.Since an aircraft has so many components from electrical,electronics ,engines etc.I presume that the Engineers have a basic degree in a particular field eg.Electronics ,and then apply this knowledge in the context of aircraft related electronics.
      I am totally at a loss and would appreciate it very much if you could give me a clearer insight into this profession.I was impressed by your comments and you seem very well versed with this field.
      Thank You

  16. ok basically ur teling tat tere is oppurtunity 4 job 4 aeronautical engineer in malaysia im curently undergoing a prog which requires me 2 learn the basics in here for 1 and a 1/2 years then they will transfer me to us cuz according to them tere is 0 job oppurtunity 4 aeronautical engineer in malaysia.PLEASE further reply as this confusion leads many ppl hanging around. appericiate ur help vry MUCH…………

  17. i’m about finishing the matriculation programme.. n now r confusing about this course.. i just need this overview of this field more clear.. may i?.. is this course has high job opportunity?n is it this course is tough one?

  18. is it possible for an STPM leaver to pursue a degree in Aeronautical Engineering?
    If yes, what should i do? What steps must i take?

  19. anybody graduated in aero engg (fresh) from utm that seeking for job?
    please send ur cv to my email we have 3 vacancies of design engineer, aerodynamic engineer and structural engineer in UST sdn bhd.

  20. hello…im a 2008 spm student ,i need ur help… im very mch eager 2 study aeronautical engineering but so far im searching i dun find any malaysian institude offering the course.. plz tell me where must i refer 4 my demand….thank you..

  21. hello…….
    Does unikl is a good place to begin my journey to be a aeroplane engineer? if not where??????. thk you….
    have a nice day….(@_@)

  22. I just finish my degree honour in Electrical and electronics engineering. Is it can i continue a master in aircraft related course? I am quite interested in aircraft maintenance engineering. I am wondering that i have to take another degree course again or got any other faster way to become a Aircraft maintenance engineer.

    Thanks and regards,

  23. aircraft maintenance require compitency that compitency are coming from either euro or us airworthy, our local university must have MOU with them, to ensure the freshy have real graduate not a dummy one. we must remember who built up that airplane, they have policy to using their product, that policy are bloking you are to get your dream. our education manistery not able to meke own airplane so follow the rule laaaa..

  24. hey guys..

    im a 2008 spm candidate..i was planing to further my studies in piloting…since theres a problem in
    tat my dad suggest me to do aircraft engineering in nilai colege…u hv to take diploma in aircraft maintanence
    its a 2 1/2 course then u will be sent to KLIA to do practical (maybe other airports) u hv to sit for an exam for 3 year at there…
    if u pass all the test in aircraft engineering u will be an aircraft engineer n u will be employed by them itself..sounds easy isn’t it..
    its a total 5 years to be a licenced aircraft engineer…once u gain some experience u can earn around 10k
    or more than tat…tats wat my father told me n i also read through some articles on net…(not very sure)
    hope this may help some of u guys… ; )

    now my quiestions are wat is the actual salary for a 2,3 or 4 years experienced aircraft engineer..?
    n wat should i do to earn very much more than tat…?pls respond if anyone knows…n advance thanks for
    those kind hearted… : )

  25. i’ve just finished my dip in aeronautical eng. n will further my studies in aerospace can i still apply for aeronautical eng. job opportunities with my degree??

  26. is it possible if woman involve in this??
    && kalau nak further overseas//
    mana uni paling bagus?

  27. student from utm in diploma of mechanical engineering..i want to ask u 2 questions
    1.may i continue my degree in aero engineering
    2.hmm.,where is the best choice of universities of aerounatical eng.,that should i take
    please help,.im so interested in this field..tq

  28. salam…bnyk perkara syg sye berminat dalam engineering terutama kujuruteraan mekanikal..
    saya sedang menyambung diploma kejuruteraan mekanikal dalam program UTM..
    1.Apakah kerjaya yang boleh buat bnyak duit dalam bidang ini..
    2.adakah sya boleh sambung ijazah dalam kejuruteraan aerounatikal..
    3.jika boleh u atau kolej mne kah yang sesuai untauk smbung pengajian saya..
    saya harap anda dapat mmbntu saya
    trima kasih

  29. Salam to all.

    I’m a graduate of UTM, specializing in Aeronautical Engineering, currently working in a multi-national aircraft parts manufacturing plant in Malaysia. Suffice to say, the highest paying job in aviation industry comes from the line or aircraft maintenance. If you work as an aero engineer at an aircraft manufacturing plant, well, unlucky for you, your work and your your pay doesn’t seems to match.

    Just my 2 cents.

  30. Dear Sir

    I am keen interested to do Aeronautic course, kindly send the neccassary information,

    With regards,

    Mohammad Zaheer

  31. can anyone tell me how to become an aircraft enginner in currently doin mechanical eng at monash there any instituition giving degree in aircraft engineering?thx for ur help.

  32. Hello! k, I really want to be a pilot but I’m too short to be one (about 156cm).. so I’m a girl who really like stuff that related to airplanes.. I’m interested in aeronautical engineering.. I’m a form 4 student at a mrsm.. so what must i do to further my studies in this field?? is there any scholarship? SPC? which university? overseas or local? somebody please help me!!! I’m trying to pursue my dreams here!!

    thank you! (“,)

    1. are u..
      im the best way.,and the short way..u can apply the course of an aerounatical engineeing in UTM (diploma),.and degree u may apply the associate degree between.. UTM and the universities in UK..
      i think now UTM already have degree in aero..

    2. lol. I can’t believe there’s someone just like me. I’m a Form 5 ’10 girl and i wanna be a pilot too! But i am wayyy too short – 148 cm. HAHA.
      I even joined Airscout (a special Scout programme which focused on those aircrafts things) when I was in Form 1 and ~ I am still the only girl who joined this programme. Too sad people teased me a lot, especially those boys seniors in Airscout. So, is it possible for short people like us to become a pilot? I’ve been wondering about this things for so long.
      Btw, contact me!

  33. Dear friend,
    i want ot know that what is differences between aircraft maintanence and aerounatical engineering…
    so that easily i can complete my dip. TY……

  34. Aircraft maintenance is more to technical related jobs whereas aeronautical eng is more to design,calculation and analysis job . Aircraft maintenance jobs involves assembling aircraft components ,overhaul , repair etc….(hands on work)
    aeronautical eng needs you to have a good understanding of math and able to apply math to real world . Aero engineers apply their knowledge of structure , aerodynamics , heat transfer etc to design and analyze an aero systems(aircraft,spacecraft ,F1 Cars) which i personally think are more interesting than maintaining an aircraft .
    The huge advantage of aicraft eng over aero eng is the payment .A fresh aircraft maintain grad that just started to work with MAS could get around Rm 6000 and with more than 7 yrs of exprience you can get up to 10K. The reason aicraft maintenance eng is better paid than aero eng is because of their heavy responsibility on aicraft condition which directly deals with occupants life . A small mistake could mean the end of your career (you’ll get sued and lost ur license)… but it’s unlikely to happen nowadays because of strict competency guidance .

  35. u know what..if u want to taste the aviation world…just join MIAT…it offers you many coarses…prefer you all to take aircraft maintenance and maybe avionics….after you grads…you can straight away go for DCA exam…DCA exam is super hard…but dont worry MIAT also included the extra class for the DCA…the lecturers for this class is LAE it self…..then….yeah…i heard many graduaters from MIAT works in Dubai…because they pay good..30 k usd i think….i know when people say UNIKL MIAT…it kinda lame…but…try it …best of the best man…anyway…i;m degree student do aircraft maintenance engineering hons(mechanical)…

  36. sy ni bru nk ambl spm thn ni…
    sy mnt sgt ngn aeronautical ni….
    klu kt mlaysia ni, ade market ker course ni????
    laku x???

  37. salam..
    i juz wnna ask…what is the difrence between aircraft maintence n aircraft mechanic…is tat a same carrier…

  38. Hi All,
    Just wonder anyone have or know any vacancy now for avition/airline industry in Malaysia. Any vacncies will do..

  39. Duh, Aerospace Engineering is NOT defined as engineering work that deals with crafts leaving the atmosphere. If you look at the syllabus (For most of UK Universities), Aerospace Engineering consist of aeronautic, avionics (for aircraft and satellite), materials and mechanical… some might even include business management. That is why Aerospace Engineering at some of the universities are accredited by the Royal Aeronautical Society, The Insitution of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

    No wonder students with a degree in Aerospace Engineering could not get a job in Malaysia.
    All HR people refer to this annoying page when they don’t know hat to do with Aerospace Engineers CVs.


  40. Salam..I’m RMAF cadet officer currently doing my first degree in mech engineering in UPNM(formely known as ATMA) there anyone from the RMAF?I’m eager to know what an RMAF engineer exactly doing..

  41. first of all, im a SPM candidates 2010.. i wanna ask something.. what subject that i must score to pursue in aero field? can list out for me .. TQ

    1. physics,add maths, modern maths, chemistry not very important in this field but make it a strong credit enough and english must if u wanna study in malaysian university Bahasa Melayu also important

  42. 1) why an engineer need the profesional qualification (status)
    2) in malaysia how i can achieve the profesional qualification

  43. hey any one knows how i could complete aircraft engineering? if so, plxx let me know all information about it…where? when?and fee?

  44. hello..
    im 18 and still waiting for my SPM result..
    can anybody tell me:
    1. what subject that i must score to further study in this field??
    2. which uni. (local and overseas) that ia the best for this field..

    plizz help me…. 😀

  45. hey Zul,
    im from alor star, kedah.
    and still waiting for my spm result.
    i wanna ask you how to apply to Malaysia Airline Academy or TAFE college.
    i still searching the application form or the interview for that.

    please mate. really need your help:)

  46. i’m spm 09 candidate n intersted in aeronautical eng.i’ thinking of proceeding to diploma but i’m kind of blur if i’m really qualify to take this course. FYI my spm result was only 6a’s wif b on maths,c on admaths and b+on physics..looking to the requirements i know its hard coz people told me that eng requires admaths a lot instead of physics.but i just wanna be an aircraft maintenance engineer instead of aircraft designer engineer,coz according to my consultant,aircraft maintenance eng is much more to only maths and physics,not i just wanta know if i’m still stand a chance to take this course..?please somebody..

    1. If you’re looking to be a ground crew technician, the requirements can’t be all that high. There are generally three types of ground crew technicians that deal directly with the plane itself, airframe; powerplant; and avionics technicians. If you don’t already know what each of them do and the likely fields they specialize in, you probably want to reconsider your entry into aeronautics. If you do know, then you’ll know exactly what you have to brush up on. Then again if you love airplanes so much but can’t qualify, well there’s always the baggage handlers, gate agents and flight dispatchers you can be a part of =).

  47. @Zul: Your English sucks dude, use the grammar and spelling checker on MSWORD or something before you post.

  48. i have complrted my i want to do spelization in aero electronics in UK so plz give the college details and particulars

  49. hurm~
    i am an spm leaver and i obtained an offer to pursue in mechatronics (diploma) at utm
    i am currently dying to pursue in aeronautical fields for i had done my homework and researches on this field…and i feel i am one with this field
    is it possible for me to further in degree with a specialization in aeronautical
    i have read the utm website and they stated that at least i have a diploma in mech..
    is mechatronics legible??
    thats all thx for your concerns

  50. recently i got pointer taking aero engneering in utm..if i continuously obtain pointer above 3, wats da most job suits me? will I get employd 1 day? rarely heard tat we wil be offered for any job aftr fnishing tat course.

  51. which one is the best?Marine engineering or Aeronautical/aircraft engineering?which of this careers earning high salary ?which of this careers is difficult?which of this two careers is demand?
    VOICE OUT guys/gurls…

  52. What is the basic salary of an Aeronautical Engineer in MAS? Just becoming an engineer with their academy..

  53. My son registerd for Dip in Eng in UTM (Aero) last sun. If u ask me, job prospects on the net is purely INFO. Encik Zul, can SKORCAREER go a step further by making a more indepth research on popular jobs in Malaysia by category ie career advancement, salary, global opportunity, etc. Going a bit further SKORCAREER may also want to provide up-to-date data on jobs in demand or facing shortage (blue collar to white collar). Quoting names of companies or govt depts in relation to the job research would give a clearer picture of the kind of jobs school leavers could embark on. Tedious task but isn’t is high time?

  54. can i know what is the basic payment for aeronautical engineer and the highest earning that can we get.need advice from graduated aeronaut engineer.

  55. i am now a student of foundation in engineering in mmu and will be taking mechanical engineering for my dgree. i have no other choice because i am sponsored to finish my studies at mmu with no other course but much is my chance to be an aeronautical engineer compared to those got dgree in aeronautical engineering.i really want to involve in this field of engineering.and after read that malaysia doesnt have enough vacancy for this job.,,im thinking of will be end up being a

    1. Aerospace engineering job in Malaysia is very limited, however it does not mean it is impossible. You need to be very competitive with good personality (network will be bonus) in order to get the job, meaning best of the best. I have been working in this field for more than 5 years in Malaysia, so the career itself is still there, just whether you have passion for it or not. Good luck and never give up.

  56. Actually, is it true those Aeronautical Eng. graduates didnt have much job opportunities in Malaysia? Well, this is based on those comments I’ve read up there.
    Btw, I’m a SPM ’10 candidate, and I am hoping to further my study in this field later. What is the actual SPM qualification needed?
    And is it possible if someone take this course and apply for pilot later? Does the diploma in this course counted?
    *Pardon my super broken English. 1Malaysia babe! Hehe :DD

      1. Thanks a lot daus 😉
        I’ll try to research about it later. But then, bolej jgak kalau nk jd pilot, masuk jer any flying school rite? Easier way, is it?
        Btw, I’ve got tons of question to ask about. Anyone who’s willing to help me, please contact me at :

        Mucho-mucho thanks 😀

  57. I just wanna ask bout this field…I am now stdying in matriculation college…in physical,wat CGPA should I get to be in this field??? When I want 2 further my study??
    and can someone explain 2 me the sub aeronautical like aviation and not really understand bout that…please,this is bout my future

    1. The higher CGPA the better. When you want to further your studies? No idea, whenever you are ready for it so it depends on yourself. What do you want to know about aeronautic and aviation?

  58. hi,im jayathes.,,.,i finished my spm last yer n waitg 4 my result.,,.
    i wnted 2 do aircraft engineering in kl?? bt i dn knw wch collages or uni offer tat course.,.,cn any1 help me??? plz,.,
    Is aircraft engineering n aircraft maintenance diff?? help me plz.,,.,.

  59. well we are student advisor from north malaysia…our company has been more then 10 years(GLOBAL TRAINING CENTER) ,and so far we already help alot of foreign and malaysia student to achieve their career..u can go to our website to check the course that we offer which so demand and well paid…regards ramana

    1. hello… i read ur statement.. so, cn u help me on my journey to be the engineer air craft maintance.. and get licence for

  60. anybody know where can i take a LAME course in Singapore? which institution in singapore offer this course..

  61. im a candidate for igcse 2011,so what are the requirements that i shoud have?in order to take aeronautical engineering?is it okay if i get a or b??but im tagertting to get a.
    what are the subjects that i need to emphasise on?

  62. hi….. im a student in secondary schol..i would 2 investigate abt my future… cn i knw the detailz abt AIRCRAFT MAITENANCE ENGINEERING…..??? cn i also knw the diff betwn aircraft engineering ,aeronautic engineering and aircraft maintenance engineering????

  63. hello,
    I am from India and have completed my Aircraft maintenance course under DGCA, India. I worked as apprentice in Kingfisher airlines and was associated with maintenance of airbus aircrafts. i was looking forward to apply for airlines or MRO jobs in malaysia and neighboring countries. I dont know where to apply and what the requirements. Please help!!!

  64. i wanna to ask?…how people that from chemical engineering? is related job as aeronautical engineer with chemical engineer??…b’coz i really interested to join in aircraft profession…so how is it???

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