Carpool: Are You Carpooling?

Do you carpool with your colleagues to go to work? Some people find this very convenient but others might find this a hassle. There are several reasons why carpooling can be convenient and hassle.


  1. You get to save money on fuel.
  2. You can help save the environment by reducing carbon footprint.
  3. You might be living together with your colleagues so going to work together is easy.
  4. If you are the owner of the car, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on fuel, because your colleagues will be paying equally.


  1. If one of you (among those who are carpooling together) has to work late, it would be hassle because the driver might not be waiting.
  2. Sometimes, you might not be going to work due to personal reasons.
  3. Sometimes, you might want to go somewhere else before going home.

However, should you prefer to carpool with your friends, be sure to follow these guidelines so that everyone is happy with carpooling.

  1. Be on time (no one likes to wait for a long time).
  2. Avoid eating and drinking in the car.
  3. You might want to discuss about the pick up point so that it is convenient for you and the driver.
  4. Remember to leave the choice of radio station or CD player to the driver.
  5. If you are feeling ill, be sure to inform the driver.
  6. Everyone has to pay their share on time.
  7. You can talk but make sure it is something appropriate.
  8. Back seat driving is a no-no.
  9. Don’t make calls or answer calls, unless it is really urgent.
  10. Respect those who are carpooling with you (respect their privacy).

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