How to Build Self Confidence

How to build self confidence?

In a fantastic video below, Dr. Ivan Joseph, a former (and successful) football coach, teaches us a few key ways to build self confidence in a popular TED talk session. As of this writing, the talk, which is made available through YouTube, has garnered almost two million views.

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Apple to Launch Tablet Computer

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 11 — Apple Inc is preparing to launch a tablet personal computer in late March or April, with manufacturer partners poised to roll out as many as 1 million units per month, according to an Oppenheimer research note.

The highly anticipated tablet is expected to pitch Apple into the digital book market popularized by’s Kindle e-reader. Apple declined to comment.

Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner said the new tablet could boost Apple’s earnings per share by 25 cents to 38 cents per quarter, assuming that it sells 1 million to 1.5 million units each quarter at an average price of US$1,000 (RM3,400) and a corporate average net income margin of 22 per cent.

“Our checks into Apple’s supply chain indicate that the manufacturing cogs for the tablet are creaking into action and should begin to hit a mass market stride in February,” Reiner wrote.

“The February ramp schedule suggests a late March or April commercial release, since Apple will need to build at least 5-6 weeks of inventory before going live.”

He said the tablet will have a 10.1-inch multitouch LCD screen similar to that of Apple’s iPhone.

Apple has also approached book publishers to distribute their content electronically, and has offered them a revenue cut of 70 per cent without requiring exclusivity, Reiner said.

He said that compares favorably to the Kindle’s 50 per cent deal, and that Kindle only offers a 70 per cent cut to publishers that give Amazon exclusive rights.

“As innovative as it is, we believe the Kindle has disgruntled the publishing industry (book, newspaper, and magazine) by demanding exclusivity, disallowing advertising, and demanding a wolfish cut of revenue,” Reiner wrote. “The tablet is set to change that.”

Reiner forecast Apple’s fiscal 2010 profit at US$8.39 per share, compared with US$6.29 in fiscal 2009, saying his estimate has not yet factored in the new device. — Reuters

Microsoft Loses Word Appeal, Will Adjust Programme

SEATTLE, Dec 23 — Microsoft Corp said yesterday it will tweak its Word application to remove a feature judged to be a breach of patent, ensuring that it will be able to continue selling one of its most widely used programs.

The world’s largest software company made the announcement shortly after a US court of appeals upheld a US$290 million (RM998 million) jury verdict against it for infringing a patent held by a small Canadian software firm.

The court also affirmed an injunction that prevents Microsoft from selling versions of its Word program which contain the offending software, set to take effect Jan 11, 2010. Older versions of Word are not affected.

Microsoft said it is taking steps to remove the feature from Microsoft Word 2007 and Microsoft Office 2007 put on sale from that date.

The disputed patent feature relates to the use of XML, or extensible markup language, used for manipulating text, in the 2007 versions of Word. Microsoft described it yesterday as a ‘little-used feature’.

However, Microsoft did not rule out further appeals.

“While we are moving quickly to address the injunction issue, we are also considering our legal options,” said Kevin Kutz, a Microsoft spokesman. He said that could include a request for a rehearing by a full panel of judges at the appeals court, or a request for a review by the US Supreme Court.

I4i, the Toronto-based software company which owns the infringed patent, welcomed Tuesday’s ruling.

“I4i is especially pleased with the court’s decision to uphold the injunction, an important step in protecting the property rights of small inventors,” said Michel Vulpe, founder and co-inventor of i4i, in a statement.

The ruling — by the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which handles many patent and trademark cases — may signal the end-game of a long-running dispute between Microsoft and Toronto-based i4i Ltd.

On Aug 12, a jury in a federal US district court in Texas ruled in favour of i4i against Microsoft, for infringing the XML patent in the 2003 and 2007 versions of Word.

The jury slapped more than US$290 million in damages on Microsoft and the court granted i4i’s motion for an injunction preventing Microsoft from selling versions of Word that contain the disputed patent technology.

That injunction was stayed while Microsoft appealed the case with the Court of Appeals, but will now go into effect on Jan 11.

Microsoft shares were up 0.9 per cent at US$30.79 on Nasdaq. — Reuters

5 Powerful Smart Phones

Whether you are in business or working for others, having a reliable gadget is important to help you manage your work effectively.

Smart phones are the best as you can use a smart phone for all purpose. You can make calls, send texts, surf the internet and even use GPS if necessary.

Smart phones also act as a personal digital assistant.

Let us have a look at the top smart phones in the world.

1. ASUS P565

This is a beauty thanks to the 800 megahertz processor and 128 megabytes of RAM. According to ASUS this is by far the fastest mobile phone in the world.

2. Blackberry Bold

We know that Blackberry is an excellent brand for mobile phones. It has 624 megahertz processor and 128 megabytes of memory so it is pretty impressive as well.

3. HTC Imagio

HTC have some really cool mobile phones on Windows Mobile OS and android platform as well. HTC Imagio is using Qualcomm’s 528 megahertz processors so you can expect speed as one of the best features.

4. iPhone 3G S

This is the latest version for iPhone and by far the best iPhone ever. It runs at 600 megahertz and it has 256 megabytes of RAM.

5. Palm Pre

A rather new mobile phone in the market. It has 600 megahertz OMAP 3 platform so that you get all the power you need for your business.

All smart phones are also equipped with the capability to check emails and surf the internet so that you can work using your mobile phone especially when you are outdoor, rushing for meetings or travelling.

Have you found one that is suitable for your own use?