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Preparing an impressive company profile is an important element in growing and sustaining your business. Through the profile, we want to make sure that the readers or prospects know who we are, what we are capable of, what we have achieved in our business operation, and why they should work with us and become our client.

We also want to make sure all the important information such as the contact details, website address and others are well intact in the document.

Visual Event Management, or VEM, which is based in Sydney, Australia, has developed a respectable company profile in their website. The company is one of the reputable one-stop event management companies in the region which has strong presence in the Australia and Asia. To date, the company has organized major international conferences, exhibition, product launches, concerts and sporting events.

The company profile is presented in a web page form as well as in a downloadable form (PDF). If one were to study and learn how a proper business profile, then VEM is an example they can imitate.

However, you must understand here that a company profile should be tailored according to the company’s business core and operation, so while you can use this as good reference, do not copy blindly (think of copyright too) but instead make your own research and gather more information.

The profile has everything in it; their history, contact information, technical capabilities, client list, and a string of impressive achievements and case studies, which include staging events for Bon Jovi concert, Nokia conference and DHL brand launching.

Download the company profile here. More samples to follow.


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