Former Lawyer Now a Policeman

Changing career or profession is not an easy thing. It takes courage and determination to do that. The motivation behind the decision also normally takes much more than money or salary.

It is even more challenging when the new career needs you to start another educational enrollment when you are already steadily working and enjoying a monthly income. Like what Tia Dalma told Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 movie, “For what you want most, there is a price to pay.”

This is exactly what Inspector Hon Kah Wei, who has just recently graduated from the Police training academy, PULAPOL, did. His interest and love with the career as a Police officer made him quit his other respectable profession as a practicing lawyer. The tough resistance from the family members did not deter him from pursuing his dream.

Considering a Career Change?It looks like his dream is already paying off. Kah Wei was awarded as the best Trainee Inspector by the Director General, Tan Sri Musa Hassan, who also singled out himself as an example to follow during his speech.

Kah Wei graduated from Universiti Malaya (UM) with a Law degree. Before deciding to switch career, he worked with a law firm based in Teluk Intan Perak for about a year. He enrolled himself into the Police training academy and underwent an intensive course for 9 months, where he was exposed with various types of training including physical, weaponry, law and information technology.

Are you considering career change too? Are you willing to pay the price? Tepuk dada, tanya selera.

Image (Kah Wei shaking hands with Musa Hassan): The Star

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