Cover Letter for Fresh Graduates (3)

Sample cover letter for fresh graduates (3)

Following is a sample cover letter for fresh graduates, which can be used to accompany the resume in sending job applications.

To Whom It May Concern,

Academically sound, active, motivated and interpersonal excellence: If these qualities are what you are seeking, I am of a conviction that you are reading through the right profile.

As a recent business graduate who my completed degree with merits, and in the process gaining valuable leadership and collaborative exposure, I am well poised to undertake the challenges of the Business Associate position made available by your company in the recent advertisement in The Moon newspaper.

As stipulated in the ad, I have accomplished a final year project closely related to the role of the incumbent. It was a study that researched the viability of setting up an all-Halal hyper-store in selected locations in Europe, with cross references made to a number of international based hyper-market players, and the readiness of the market.

Together with this cover letter, I enclose here my complete resume that underlines my academic details, internship engagement and further details of my project. I look forward to a favourable response from your end.

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