Danger of Social Media at Work

It is undeniable that almost everyone has at least one account on at least one social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. While it seems harmless, social media sites pose a lot of dangers at work.

Most companies allow their employees to surf social media sites. If you happen to work in a social media company, there is no problem at all but most of us are working for normal companies that have nothing to do with social media sites at all. This is when the trouble begins.

I am sure you would think, “there is nothing wrong to log in to Facebook for a few minutes”.

Sure there is no problem, if it is really for a few minutes. The problem is you will lose track of the time. Meaning, you will actually spend more time on Facebook.

More time on Facebook = less time on work.

Less time on work = angry employer.

Angry employer = higher risk of losing your job.

There is a limit for everything. You cannot risk losing your job over some social media sites. In fact, if you want to log in for a long time, do so at home, comfortably. After all it is your personal time and you can do anything you want.

However, there is another danger waiting for you. Surely everyone knows that companies have their own secrets and it is very easy for you to slip out in Facebook, intentionally or unintentionally.

This could be your one way ticket out of the company so be sure not to share any confidential information on the web through social media sites, no matter how safe you think it can be.

Some companies ban these sites so that employees cannot access them. If your existing company allows you to surf the internet without any limitation, make use of that wisely and never do anything that will destroy the freedom you have.

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  1. good advise for us, employees… need to change the extra ‘e’ in the spelling to ‘r’ soon… so can fb-yg-twit all the time… hahaha…

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