D’Graduate Online Reality Show Launched

The first online career reality show for Malaysia undergraduates, D’Graduate, has been launched this week, with students from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) the first to participate in the program.

The show is a collaboration between UUM and MyPath Sdn Bhd, a Penang based career development firm and portal, with backing from corporate sponsors and partners, including Jaring, Star-Jobs, Intrenasionale, MIRC Incubator and Raine & Horne Penang.

In the D’Graduate program, final year students will be vying to become a star graduate, by showcasing their talents in a series of tasks and business simulations.

Participants will be assessed in terms of individual capability as well as team workmanship, across a distinguished range of disciplines. Soft skills such as leadership, attitude, initiative, positive mindset, confidence and communication skills are some of the attributes to be evaluated throughout the tasks.

The finals of the first season will be held between 17 to 23 August in SunTech Complex, Bayan Baru, Penang.

The show is also packaged with elimination style familiar with other popular reality programs in Malaysia, but here the fans can pick their favorite candidates in the D’Graduate website. As a final reward, the winners will be offered placement, management training opportunity and employment with participating companies.

One of the main goals of the career reality show is to bring the graduating students closer to the employment, business and corporate culture, which is the real world that can make or break a graduate. In a way, it becomes a platform for the graduates to instill understanding that success in the real world takes much more than excellence in academic.

Click here to know more about the D’Graduate reality show.

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  1. Congratulation! Zul. see you book has been published.
    Readers, this is a highly recommended book to read, very pracitical.

  2. Zul, thank you for sharing D’Graduate with your members and readers. You have been always very kind to share great news with members and readers. We hope D’graduate will be able to assist undergraduates to realize their talent and potential ultimately make them marketable when they graduate. We hope employers will also be able to find their right match career-seekers through this program.
    Thank you all for your kind support! Jenna

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