Do You Plan to Quit Your Job in 2013?

Year 2013 has come and you might have outlined some of your career plans for the year. Hopefully, most, if not all of these plans will translate to positive outcomes. One of the many things that could be of your thought—many would not see this coming though—is to quit your job in year 2013.

Quitting a job does not necessarily mean a bad thing, especially when you are moving to something that promises you much more. After all, gone were the days where people work for a company for a life. At some point of time, you will need to make a move. Only time will tell.

Nevertheless, before you submit your resignation letter, here is what you should do first:

Validate your reason

By now, you should have established your reason (or reasons) for quitting. It is time to justify and validate them. Some may be valid. Some may not. Remember, circumstances of your move can make or halt your career growth. So thread carefully here.

Are you being approached for a better opportunity? Are you relocating? Are personal conflicts in office getting in your way and hindering your growth? Did you make a bad career move last year and now seeking ways out? Do you have problems with your current boss? Or rather, do you hate your job now and want to try something else altogether?

Did you gain anything from gain current job?

Moving on to another job will be good if you have maximized your exposure in your current organization. Did that happen? A worker who stays on for a couple of years (e.g., between 3 and 5 years) would have learned a significant and valuable experience, and a move now can be timely. Of course, this does not apply if you inadvertently made a mistake in your move last year and now you are looking for a get-out act.

It will also be imperative that you do not burn bridges with your network in the current organization. This is especially important if you are staying in the same industry. As you grow, chances are, you will be meeting the same people again in a few years time. So maintain good relationship with your current network.

Assess your next move

It is critical to assess your next move, i.e., where you are heading. Have you made all the due diligences before reaching this decision? Salary is one of the key factors people consider when making a move but that’s not all. You will need to assess all other aspects that include environment, the company’s prospects, the people you will be working with, responsibilities, growth opportunities and so on.

Talk to people you trust on your plan to quit your job; they can be people from the same industry or totally unrelated. See or hear things from different angles and perspectives, you might be surprised to hear what you have to hear. What you think is true might not be shared with others, so you can weigh your judgment better.

One thing for sure, if you are resigning from your job without a job offer in hand (for various reasons), expect a tough ride when you are ready to be employed again.

Quitting your job can be an exhilarating or traumatic undertaking depending on what’s in the offering before you. So, take your time to thoroughly appraise all the pros and cons before finalizing your move.

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